Employee survey

Employee survey

Listen, understand and act with a digital employee survey

Employee survey

"If you ask, you win!" Use valuable feedback from your employees to identify the need to improve the work experience in your company.

How we work

There are two approaches, depending on whether you want to implement the software or require an all-round service:

Survey as software

We implement Qualtrics Pulse in your company and help you to design the surveys and role-based dashboard. This process gives you the ability to conduct further surveys independently. We take care of technical integration with your master data and single sign-ons for you.

Survey as a service

We conduct every aspect of the survey for you. We choose the right questions for you from a list of best-practice questions and conduct the employee survey. At the end you receive a detailed analysis of the survey results, with specific recommendations concerning actions.

Customer example

We ran a successful employee survey project for a document solutions service provider. It focussed on gauging employee mood. Following significant internal strategic changes, the customer was concerned with identifying areas that required action early on and having the ability to react appropriately. We were able to address this concern by offering the survey as a service. Once conducted, the survey allowed us to reveal employees' thoughts and concerns, whilst the customer simultaneously received a plan of measures they could potentially take in response.

How can we accompany you?

Clara-Sophie Körner is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


Clara-Sophie Körner

Clara-Sophie Körner

How you benefit

  • Scientifically tested questions
  • Anonymised survey
  • Analysis in role-based dashboards or reports
  • Recommended actions to improve the working experience

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