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A cloud-based SuccessFactors starter package for your performance management!


Easy2Performance is the perfect cloud-based starter package for successful and sustainable performance management in your company. From the goal-setting to appraisals, Easy2Performance supports and promotes a continuous dialogue between employees and managers and makes goals and their contribution to the success of the company transparent.


Easy2Performance provides you with the following functionality:

  • A goal plan for each employee
  • A development plan for each employee
  • A predefined performance-appraisal process that assesses the employee’s goals on the one hand, and a fixed set of core competencies on the other
  • Reports for HR to always have an overview of the processes
  • Dashboards for HR and line managers with key indicators from the performance process for your employees


Easy2Performance provides you with the following preconfigured process for goal-setting and the annual employee appraisal:

Our Easy2Performance starter package provides you with:

  • A proven implementation methodology
  • A central point of contact at HR Campus
  • A guided discovery workshop including detailed documents
  • System-administrator training including detailed guides
  • Documentation of the system configuration
  • Technical support for the migration process, including migration file(s)
  • Best-practice test cases
  • Best-practice cutover plan for a successful go-live

Prerequisites, or what you need to contribute:

  • Nomination of a system administrator
  • Willingness to standardize and consolidate existing performance processes
  • Sufficient resources to explore, accept and test the solution.
  • In-house “go” for the introduction of a cloud solution

Fancy a demo?

Tobias Mecke will be pleased to hear from you and answer your questions.


  • Basic configuration for the goal-setting and performance-management process
  • Attractive package and licence costs
  • 100% cloud technology
  • Mobile solution
  • Short implementation time – ready to use from day one
  • Continuous innovation thanks to quarterly releases
  • Central point of contact at HR Campus
  • Guided workshops and training, including guides and documentation

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