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HR legal advice

HR legal advice

Competent and pragmatic HR legal advice for employment law etc.

HR legal advice

We give your HR department competent and pragmatic advice when burning legal issues in specific application cases allow no room for delay (such as for terminations of employment) and in clarifying general legal HR issues (such as templates for employment contracts, personnel regulations or specifications for the triage of personnel dossiers).

When you need legal service

Are you an HR Campus client whose company is lacking its own legal service, or whose legal service is already busy with the numerous other issues of everyday business? We can provide you with competent and affordable legal advice by pointing out your rights and obligations as well as your options for action in everyday HR legal issues, and by actively supporting you in assessing and warding off legal risks.

Prevention - timely legal clarification and risk assessments

With preventive advice we can help you discover legal stumbling blocks in good time and clear them out of the way to spare you from nerve-racking and expensive legal cases.

Appropriately for our specialization area, we focus mainly on giving advice in HR-relevant areas of law such as employment and social-security law. In this process, we will give you help with the following topics in particular:

  • Advice on drafting, adapting and interpreting employment contracts
  • Support in the assessment or creation of employment references
  • Legal issues concerning working hours (overtime, hours worked beyond the legal maximum, night and Sunday working, etc.), as well as further employment-law issues
  • Reviewing of personnel regulations, confidentiality agreements and guidelines on the content of the personnel dossier
  • Rights of employees and employers in case of sickness, accident, pregnancy, etc. (obligations for continued salary payment)
  • Advice on termination of employment and leave
  • For issues concerning social-security law and other legal aspects of payroll accounting, you can count on our payroll specialists with their comprehensive practical knowledge.
  • We can clear up your questions regarding other areas of law, such as data protection, migration, contractual, debt-collection and bankruptcy law on consultation.

First aid - when a process threatens

We advise exclusively in non-procedural matters, i.e., not in court or administrative proceedings. If things escalate, however, we can provide active and timesaving further help with an initial risk assessment as well as working through the documentation necessary for the lawyer, and we can support you in finding the suitable lawyer for your purposes in your area.

*Due to the exclusively non-procedural nature of the advice, HR Campus accepts no liability for the procedural correctness of a legal answer or for compliance with any time limits


  • Competent and pragmatic HR legal advice
  • Examination of various HR documents
  • Questions in each area of law concerning HR
  • Risk assessment

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