HR consulting in Corona times

HR Advice in the Age of Corona

We offer support for hr departments through the corona crisis

COVID-19 is having strong impacts on daily business within companies, and particularly on HR departments. On this page, you’ll find advice, information, tips and quick help to support hr departments in effectively reacting to the corona crisis.

None of us have ever experienced anything like the corona crisis. Apart from maybe our great-grandparents, who experienced the Spanish Flu almost 100 years ago. At the centre of the crisis, there’s us - people. As both the victims and the cause. Employees are suitably anxious. Business as usual seems unthinkable. Some companies are barely afloat, while others are snowed under. The epicentre in both cases is HR. The challenges are formidable. But so is the value that HR can deliver. On one hand, as a safe harbour for all staff policy questions, and on the other, as a pillar of all human aspects. In no other situation has HR been predestined to take on such a leading role. Use this opportunity.

Loss of work

Many companies are experiencing a drop from 100 to 0 and don’t know how they can pay their staff next month’s wages.

The aim is to ensure that all employees are paid. The government has come up with comprehensive aid packages in the form of credit and short time. Don’t be too proud, and introduce short work before it’s too late! We’d be happy to help you with specialist, technical advice surrounding the issue of short time.

The other aim is to have motivated staff. Not knowing whether your wage is coming and whether your employer or job will exist tomorrow is causing a lot of financial worry. Regular, clear, understandable communication is key here. Hold management to account. Small regular pulse surveys can help you to understand where you need support.

Solutions & support

We offer technical and expert advice regarding short time.

Short time

Michael Frühauf helps you with a free mini-survey to find out quickly and easily what your employees are currently occupied with and where they need support.


We automate the work reference process for you.

Campus Employment-Reference Business Service

Excess work

The coronavirus has completely upended our working processes. Nothing is as it was. In many hospitals, doctors and nurses are delivering almost inhuman amounts of work. But other sectors are also inundated, e.g. online retailers.

Guidelines still (mostly) apply during the crisis. You are obliged to protect the health of your staff. Working time regulations must also be upheld. Help your management to understand these conditions. Discuss what measures could be taken to improve employee productivity with management. Changes to expenses policies, home office allowances, food services and more are all possible options.

You could also gain an overview here using regular pulse surveys. If you have these, it may make sense to make care teams available, offer coaching or, of course, simply speak with individual members of staff.

Solutions & Support

Myriam Best will be happy to advise you on coaching and wellbeing.


Test video interviewing for two months free of charge, and recruit online.


In case of increased personnel requirements, we manage your external employees simply and efficiently.

Staff absences

Many companies, especially those with enough to do, are struggling with the fact that many people cannot work. The causes are many. These are the cases we’re coming across most frequently: illness, quarantine, self-quarantine, self-isolation, childcare and people in particularly vulnerable groups.

Some instructions cannot be carried out right now. A corona instruction that temporarily replaces all others can be one solution. In addition, it’s sensible to compile all the different cases for employees and management in a way that is easy to understand. Coming up with  decision trees for each case works very well. In the case of quarantine, self-quarantine and childcare, you can apply for compensation for loss of earnings.

Clear and transparent communication with a statement that things may change or be adjusted regularly is essential here too. In practice, a case-by-case approach is worth implementing. Support management in difficult situations.

Solutions & Support

We offer qualified HR staff on demand to cover any staff bottlenecks.

HR People

Anke Krause will be happy to advise you regarding staff absences and compensation for loss of income.


Home office

Anyone that can work from home is currently doing so. Some employees are carrying out their work with screaming children in the background, while others can’t manage at all as their children are no longer at school. While people used to spontaneously bump into each other at work, they’re now missing chats over coffee.

Most employees have a contractually regulated workplace. Typically, this isn’t their own bedroom, which comes with a few challenges: when work times are regulated, home office impacts insurance (work accident vs. non-work accident). Furthermore, statutory requirements regarding trust-based working hours must be upheld (e.g. no Sunday work). Employees can now deduct part of their rent from their tax etc. Check the legal situation precisely and help your employees avoid nasty surprises. Create opportunities to access relevant documents online.

From a human perspective, home office is a real challenge as regular contact is not simple. Support your staff and management. Create informal platforms for discussion (e.g. virtual coffee breaks). Keep your information broad and proactive.

Solutions & Support

Aysen Yildirim will be happy to advise you regarding adjustments to company policies for home office.


Digitise your HR processes with UKG PeopleDoc and switch to electronic document management.

Digital workflows & employee portal

Use the SAP Litmos learning management system and offer your staff an attractive learning platform.

Online Learning Management System

Social Connecting

HR departments are not alone during the corona-crisis. There are countless unanswered questions to which there are already many answers. The HR Cosmos community consists of 2,700 members offering support. Use the community’s boundless HR knowledge and discuss with others online.

HR Cosmos

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