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SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass

Procurement and administration of external employees and services

SAP Fieldglass

Automate and digitalize the entire process from procurement and administration to the remuneration of external employees and services. SAP Fieldglass will guide you through the entire life cycle of your external employees – from the recruitment of suitable candidates through onboarding to offboarding. The transparent, cloud-based platform helps with your strategic decisions and lets you make cost savings.


Are you busy with the execution of your projects and business and not wanting to have to worry about new resources or services?

With its open, cloud-based platform, vendor management system (VMS) SAP Fieldglass is the efficient and transparent solution for the consistent administration and organization of resource and service procurement. In addition, SAP Fieldglass can be connected to a wide variety of systems. Total Spend Management can be achieved with SAP Ariba, which maps the source-to-pay process. At the same time, there are already connections to SuccessFactors , which make Total Workforce Management simpler and clearer.  Discover the comprehensive range of services:

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management

For external employees

SAP Fieldglass manages the entire life cycle of external employees from job requirements, tendering and onboarding right through to offboarding. Once the Hiring Manager’s order has been approved through a predefined process and sent directly to the predefined suppliers, you will be offered the suitable candidates. With just a few clicks, the proposed candidates can be compared directly in the  app or system, and you can decide how to proceed on. Onboarding will be started automatically for the selected candidates. Security checks, access authorizations and references for external employees are easy to guarantee and monitor via the platform. Once your projects have been successfully completed, SAP Fieldglass takes care of the seamless offboarding of external employees. The platform gives you an overview of your external employees and your suppliers. This allows you to benefit from maximized cost savings and minimized risks.

SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement

For services

The SAP Fieldglass platform coordinates the entire service-procurement process. After you described and selected the service you are looking for, you will be shown suitable service providers on the platform. You then have the option of obtaining parallel project bids from several of these providers. This gives the Purchasing department a clear opportunity to compare the various bids, thus accelerating the process and cutting costs. SAP Fieldglass makes it easy to define schedules, services and resource requirements. In addition, the service provider invoices directly via the platform, taking into account the applicable taxes. SAP Fieldglass puts orderly project completion within your reach.

Any questions?

Alexandra Gastpar will be happy to hear from you and will gladly answer your questions.



  • Clear provider-management platform
  • Very user friendly
  • Efficient and qualitative service procurement
  • High transparency due to process standardization
  • Direct transparency and cost savings
  • Flexible workflow
  • Risk minimization
  • Compliance in procurement
  • Cloud technology
  • Mobile app

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