The era of HR analytics has begun

The era of HR analytics has begun

The right analyses enable you to make smart decisions – the right tool makes the process efficient and smart.

The era of HR analytics has begun

The era of HR analytics has begun. New technologies provide functions that give an insight into the present and the future of a company, thus permitting a new form of human-resources management. The digitisation has finally arrived in HR. 

Increasingly important issues and requirements of the management to HR can be answered and evaluated in a new dimension in order to draw the right conclusions. In this context, we would like to make reference to the SAP Analytics CloudThe reporting instrument of SAP, which can be applied across various operational topics in the company. The SAP Analytics Cloud gives you a consistent and enormously informative cross-departmental overview! 

Make the most of your business opportunities

Create valuable business insights for your HR through constant access to your real-time data from the most varied sources. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can access your data through a simple and appealing user interface – at any time and from anywhere. You can also share and evaluate data with other team members and exchange information with all user groups via built-in collaboration features. Create even better foundations for decision-making and thus make the most of more business opportunities. Thanks to fast, flexible and advanced analyses in clear presentations, users can simplify complex processes and gain a better understanding of business procedures, integrating them directly into your business processes. 

With the technology of the SAP Analytics Cloud, you can go beyond the classical considerations of past or current situations in reports, making it possible to look to the future with different scenarios. To do this, you can take historical data for your company to predict key trends. Smart insights give you clues about what lies over the horizon. 

The scope of what is feasible in personnel departments on the basis of such analyses provides enormous opportunities for depicting business- and personnel-management processes with more structure than ever before.   

Data from all of your systems

Talent management topics, such as time-to-hire, staff turnover or the analysis of salary data, no longer require time-consuming data consolidation and Excel evaluations. Imagine how much time you can save and stress you can avoid if the evaluations are already stored and can always be retrieved at the right time with up-to-date data with just a few clicks. Make sure you are one step ahead when it comes to converting important analyses into actions. Have you ever asked yourself why so many top employees are leaving the company, why you are not finding the right staff on the market or why wage structures are not fair? What will the trends in wage costs be over the next few months? Where will more staff be needed in the future? What is the best way of supporting an employee? SAP Analytics Cloud can give you answers to precisely these questions and many more using your data from all possible systems! 

And that’s just the beginning

Find out how the cloud-based analytical technology of the SAP Analytics Cloud improves your data visualization and promotes quick decisions. 

We will be happy to help you with a wide variety of issues: from the definition of strategic KPIs according to your individual requirements, through advice on the technical implementation, to support on a daily business. We will be happy to help you at HR-department level or put your analytical project under the microscope, jointly with our partners at s-peers AG, in the context of your entire corporate strategy regarding reporting.

Published: 12. February 2019

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