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Terminal connection to SAP SuccessFactors

Terminal connection to SAP SuccessFactors

Time recording done at terminals can now be integrated directly into SuccessFactors Time Sheet

Terminal connection to SAP SuccessFactors

Time recording done at terminals can now be integrated directly into SuccessFactors Time Sheet! SuccessFactors Time Sheet has already been available to you thanks to your Employee Central license, but you have not been able to use it due lack of integration. The start-up Poksundo, which is part of the dormakaba group, where it supports digitisation, has found a solution.

The key is “jay cloud time”

Poksundo has already made it possible to control access rights via SAP SuccessFactors with “jay cloud”. Now the start-up has also found an impressive way to fill this gap. Time recordings in SuccessFactors can now also be displayed using “jay cloud time”. For employees, this means simple and intuitive operation, more transparency and greater satisfaction with time recording. Workflows can also be mapped in SAP SuccessFactors, and the mobile application makes time recording much easier. Built-in mechanisms allow recalculations for adjusted recordings and prevent duplicate recordings. HR or employees themselves can see the depicted time pairs in SAP SuccessFactors and adjust them according to their authorisation.

Made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Linking the device level (terminals, badges, etc.) with the organisational level (structures, positions, etc.) provided by SuccessFactors enables simplified handling around the issues of access and time recording. The IoT gateway means no new hardware purchases are needed. Access and time-recording devices can be displayed in the “jay cloud” (digital twins), and from there they can be fed and linked with data from SuccessFactors.

The most obvious place this linking can offer an advantage is when an employee changes positions, which may also be linked to new access authorisations or a change in time recording. This new information can be displayed directly on the access and time-recording devices with a single position mutation in SuccessFactors, without the employee being aware of it.

The “jay cloud” example impressively shows how IoT can automate our everyday processes and help improve efficiency.

Find out more about dormakaba “jay cloud” and “jay cloud time” here.

Published: 15. April 2019

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