New Best Practice in Applicant Management

New Best Practice in Applicant Management

Quick, simple, cost-effective and reliable selection of applicants with the new Best-Practice setup of the Haufe applicant management solution.

New Best Practice in Applicant Management

To meet the client's need for a lean yet adaptable candidate management solution, HR Campus has developed a best-practice setup for applicant management. The solution is based on the experience and customer feedback of more than 150 Swiss SMEs.

Challenges in applicant management

Amidst the ‘war of talents’, awareness is growing that the speed of a company's recruitment process is of great importance. Attracting suitable employees is a major challenge for companies. At a time when applicants can choose between several job offers and there is no longer a lack of jobs for skilled personnel, the fight for skilled staff in the application and hiring process becomes a sui generis competition for which all type of businesses should be prepared. Due to the stricter data protection guidelines and the opaque application processes, SMEs are dependent on cost-effective solutions.

The number of recruitment tools has multiplied in the last years and therefore the challenge to find the right solution for your own HR is increasing. With a proven Best Practice solution, we want to offer SMEs in particular the opportunity to implement a well-known recruitment tool quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The applicant management is streamlined, available promptly and can still be adapted to the changing needs of the customer at any time.

The importance of applicant management software

Studies show that large companies are able to attract significantly more applicants after an interview than smaller companies. The reason for this lies in the design of the application process. While bigger companies usually have suitable management software for this and can therefore select applicants prior to an interview, smaller companies invest a lot of resources in interviews with applicants who do not have the desired qualities. With the same number of new hires, companies with the right applicant management software therefore conduct significantly fewer interviews, which leads to significant savings in resources. In response to this problem, HR Campus is now launching a best-practice setup of the Haufe applicant management solution on the market.

What does a best-practice applicant management package offer?

  • Speed and good communication (with the candidates as well as within the company)
  • Reduction of unnecessary administrative and recurring tasks
  • Creation of transparency by means of reporting
  • Compliance - GDPR correctly implemented

The best-practice setup Easy2HaufeApplicantManagement includes an intensive, three-day workshop on site and six web conferences, each of which is prepared and followed-up on by a consultant. The setup also includes an HR and supervisor portal. The organisation and administration of job and post management can be controlled from here. In addition, there is also a job market and an applicant portal, which allows the company to receive online applications, maintain applicant profiles and carry out any updates. Moreover, it also includes the option of setting up a job subscription.

At a set price of CHF 13,500*, the best-practice applicant management setup is the perfect starting point. Further adjustments can be made from this slim foundation.

*implementation costs

Published: 29. July 2019

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