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HR for SMEs solution

Are you a Swiss SME looking for a modern yet affordable HR system? This is the solution for you.

HR for SMEs solution

Small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs – have up to 249 employees and constitute more than 99% of the Swiss business landscape. Even so, only very few of them have a professional HR department. However, staff shortages and lack of expertise need no longer be an issue: With HR for SMEs, HR Campus provides you with the ideal cloud-based solution.

By Sophie Känzig / “Im Fokus” supplement of the Tagesanzeiger newspaper

Swiss SMEs could not be more varied. Some are larger, some smaller; some work in the local market, others internationally and in the most diverse sectors. They nevertheless have one thing in common – their employees are their asset. And yet how to process employee data and concerns in the best way, how to issue employment references efficiently and how to implement a modern recruitment process still puzzles many SMEs. HR for SMEs, HR Campus’ cloud-based HR solution, offers suitable software to meet the individual needs of each SME.

Rapid change – a clear advantage for SMEs

“SMEs are in an extremely privileged position. They are often much more agile than their larger counterparts and have less rigid structures. This means that a good HR solution can be quickly set up and implemented,” says Claudia Broghammer, one of HR Campus’ directors. Larger concerns are often more complex, and it takes a lot of time to adapt existing processes and workflows. In contrast, an SME can quickly replace an unsatisfactory HR solution with a tried-and-tested best-practice version.

Full speed ahead to the perfect HR solution

HR for SMEs digitalizes and automates HR processes in a simple, user-friendly manner. It allows for centralized administration of employee data and provides a foundation for all administrative and value-creating HR processes. HR for SMEs is a 100%-cloud-based HR software solution that can be expanded with modules and updated as required. The affordable packages for various requirements are extensible and ready to use in a matter of a few weeks.

HR for SMEs is setting new standards in terms of user-friendliness: Users have complete control of their service packages and can adapt them immediately and without help.  They are not referred to an IT team or to a specialist,” says Claudia Broghammer. This makes HR for SMEs a flexible solution that is just as agile as the environment in which SMEs are active.

An all-round HR-software experience with no worries
HR for SMEs’ secure, user-friendly and quickly implementable packages are based on more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge acquired from more than a thousand projects.

Data protection and reliability

HR for SMEs guarantees compliance with all Swiss and European data protection guidelines; with its high-performance data centre in the EU, it is a reliable investment for any SME.


The use of HR for SMEs is largely self-explanatory. For each package there is a comprehensive training course for key users and system administrators.

 Technical infrastructure

All you need to implement the system is an Internet-ready terminal. This makes HR for SMEs ready for use in the shortest time.

Published: 10. July 2018

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