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Personal Swiss 2018

Once again, the variety of subjects at this year’s Personal Swiss trade fair reflected the multifaceted nature of the HR industry.

Personal Swiss 2018

As every year, in April 2018, the HR industry gathered in Oerlikon for the Personal Swiss trade fair. This year’s theme was digitisation and occupational health, and we were in the thick of it. Among other things, 4,193 visitors were inspired by HR Campus and our smart and pioneering HR solutions – a complete success!

What is moving the HR in 2018?

As in previous years, the diversity of topics at the fair reflected the multifaceted nature of the industry. In particular, the focus was on digitisation and occupational-health management. The health “circuit-training” course taught visitors a lot about their own mental and physical health.  Finally, a few lectures and inputs were dedicated to the issue of what companies are doing to look after their employees. After all, in the face of so much digitisation, we should not lose sight of human beings, and this will continue to be a task for HR. Nevertheless, we will be increasingly accompanied by artificial intelligence and other technological achievements in the future, and this will transform HR work; some exhibitors already provided a foretaste of this.

HR Campus at Personal Swiss

HR Campus has been an integral part of the trade fair for 10 years, although the exhibition stand stood out in a new guise this year: After last year’s rebranding, the appearance at Personal Swiss was also fresh and modern – in keeping with the corporate philosophy. The visitors also enjoyed our makeover: There were HR Campus key chains in a cool new design for all.

This year, HR Campus was not just represented with a stand, however. Together with Marc Vontobel, Claudia Broghammer gave a lecture on HR Cosmos and how artificial intelligence is networking the entire HR industry. The stand and presentation were very popular. Another highlight was the Tesla, which introduced the HR knowledge platform to the visitors with the HR Cosmos logo!

Our CEO Marek Dutkiewicz was also enthusiastic: “We have had good experiences here for 10 years now. Personal Swiss is always perfectly prepared and I would recommend any HR manager to come!”

Published: 22. June 2018

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