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Cultural Fit

Everyone wins with the right corporate culture.

Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is important and a factor in success on several levels. It is precisely at times of labour shortages that a strong corporate culture displays its full potential. It is not only one of the leading criteria for job selection, it is also reflected in the employee's willingness to perform. Finding the right people for your company is most successful through recommendations from your own employees. An employee recognition program provides you with digital support for finding the right talent even faster.

Corinne lays her personal proposed solution on the table. Andri and Nadine have devised an idea that is the polar opposite. Nevertheless, in a short time the team finds a good solution. This example illustrates how successful implementation of cultural fit influences problem solving and dealings with employees in the long term. It also reveals that the values and working methods of new colleagues that differ from the company's own can impede successful accomplishment of the task. The majority of employees would like a good corporate culture. Very few job seekers are prepared to make concessions in this area in return for more money. The cultural fit approach is therefore worthwhile for companies because if you like going to work and feel close ties to the company, you will exhibit a greater degree of commitment and loyalty. And if a company occasionally goes through a turbulent period, a strong corporate cultural provides employees with stability and guidance.

Who finds the right team members?

Recruitment and retention of talents with the necessary attributes and the right cultural fit is a challenge for companies, especially when there are skilled labour shortages. Many firms are completely unaware of what an effective, cheap recruitment tool they already have at their disposal – their employees. Their networks form an excellent, valuable source in the search for qualified candidates. The chances of onboarding being successful are also better because existing employees will only recommend those acquaintances and friends that they feel are a fit for the company. In recent years, this concept of employees recruiting employees has becomes established successfully in many firms, with the aim of strengthening cultural fit.



What added value is there for employees and the company?

There are many benefits to this idea. Amongst other things, recruitment as a team is motivational as employees can decide jointly and be appreciated for their recommendations. As genuine brand ambassadors, they not only play an important role in the search for new colleagues but also contribute to corporate success through the right talents. If employee recommendations (and therefore HR) are assisted by a digital program that is easy to use and implement, this saves time and money throughout the whole recruitment process.

Exciting solutions in terms of software are now available that support this process. One such program is Radancy's Employee Referrals. Here at HR Campus, we use it with great success. HR Campus employees can quickly and easily share jobs with their networks and recommend candidates directly using this solution. HR constantly retains an overview of all activities, which can also be quantified at any time. Radancy's Employee Referrals operates as both a standalone solution and when integrated into an existing recruitment tool. Bonuses can be structured flexibly as recognition for involvement. Not only is a successful fixed appointment rewarded, but also other valuable employee activity such as sharing details of a job or recommending a former colleague. The rewards can also be playful now and again, turning the whole recommendation process into a game.

What leads to a successful employee recommendation program?

There is more to it than just the software. A recommendation program is successful only if it is updated and accompanied by good communications, and corporate values are represented authentically externally. This doesn't just start with the job specification. The values must also be clearly defined within the company and embodied by employees. This forms the basis for new colleagues with cultural fit.

At HR Campus, we already fill more than 25% of our vacancies through employee recommendations. Participating employees remain loyal to the company for longer, the firm increases its visibility on the job market and simultaneously reduces costs and saves time on the recruitment process. It is once again apparent that if HR processes are sensibly and intentionally digitalised, it leaves more time for people. This epitomises our slogan of "Happy employee, happy company".

Published: 28. October 2022

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