SwissSalary 365®

SwissSalary 365®

With SwissSalary 365®, you can rely on Swissdec-certified software with the full functionality of modern payroll accounting. Our cloud-based solution perfectly complements your existing ERP. Get to know this clever solution.

Why SwissSalary 365®?

  • Modern & cloud-based payroll software

  • Swissdec 4.0-certified

  • Data storage in Switzerland

  • Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Accident and sickness logging with Swissdec KLE

  • Salary reporting with ELM

  • Simple integration into various peripheral systems

  • Integrated employee portal

  • Additional evaluations with budget module

  • Certified ‘Swiss-made software’

Payroll accounting in the cloud

Future-orientated companies are driving digitisation forwards and switching to cloud-based payroll accounting solutions. These help them carry out their work easily and securely to save time.

Modern payroll software and master data management

SwissSalary 365® offers everything that modern payroll software should offer – and much more. The master data administration is clearly designed and intuitive. Various salary types are already stored according to legal standards or can be adjusted manually. The software is obtained from the cloud and updates are directly checked and made available by the manufacturer. The bank master and withholding tax rates are automatically made available by SwissSalary. You can also use new Swissdec standard KLE accident and sickness reporting to log data directly in the system. And you can easily adjust social security rates yourself. Whether for small businesses or major corporations – SwissSalary 365® makes payroll accounting easier.

Integration into Office 365 products

SwissSalary 365® can be seamlessly integrated into the Office 365 product range. You can export your data to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel at any time or even input salaries via Excel. SwissSalary 365® is available as an app via Dynamics 365 Business Central and is hosted by Microsoft. Thanks to regular and automatic backups of your data, you can restore data to the minute for 30 days. This means your data is kept in a safe place and protected from loss at all times. Add the standard Microsoft solution to your SwissSalary 365® payroll system to digitise your HR administration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

SwissSalary 365® employee portal

Payslips can be collected by your employees directly in the employee portal. Or you can customise your address or bank account number in just a few clicks – no need for tedious mutations. All data is transferred via SOAP and HTTPS encryption and is stored in a secure, tier 4 data centre in Switzerland.

Preconfigured SwissSalary 365® starter

HR Campus offers a SwissSalary 365® starter solution with preconfigured system settings. This means you benefit from the cumulative experience of our advisors as well as best practices from various implementation projects. The starter contains pre-installed payroll type data including standard booking logic compliant with Swissdec guidelines as well as best-practice configurations, documentation and reporting templates.

SwissSalary 365® FAQ

Updates and new withholding tax tariffs are automatically made available free of charge by the software producer, and can be loaded in just a few clicks. This ensures that the system always complies with the latest requirements of various GAVs and statutory requirements.

SwissSalary 365® can be integrated into any ERP financial bookkeeping (e.g. Opale, Workday, SAP, HCM, Sage, Polypoint etc.). Manual data entry into your bookkeeping software is not necessary.

Thanks to a back-up with precision down to the minute, your payroll data can be restored at any time. What’s more, all data is stored in Switzerland.

SwissSalary 365® offers comprehensive payroll accounting reports. Key figures can be viewed at the touch of a button.

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