Transform access solutions digitally

Transform access solutions digitally

The trend toward digitisation doesn’t stop for building security systems

Transform access solutions digitally

The digital transformation of many areas of life is moving forward in an unstoppable way, leaving hardly anything untouched. As a result of the interaction between SAP and the dormakaba Group, the digitisation of building security systems is also possible.

Everything under control

The new solution is called dormakaba jay cloud and it connects one ‘level’ of devices (locking systems, terminals, badges, etc.) with the superordinate ‘organization level’, represented by the SAP SuccessFactors 'Employee Central'. The resulting advantages are clear to see: Access rights can be assigned, for example, depending on the position. If the position of an employee in the company changes, his access rights also change automatically. The system thus remains highly dynamic the entire time and correspondingly, a third-party solution for facility management is rendered obsolete. At the same time, this increases transparency and control in the company and ultimately, security as well.

The possibilities of the SAP cloud platform

Third-party systems such as visitor management, alarm systems, video management and building information systems can be integrated into the solution via the SAP cloud platform.

Due to integration of the devices via the SAP Leonardo IoT platform, there is no need for any new acquisitions at the level of the devices. As such, the existing terminals for time recording can continue to be used. The recorded collected data is forwarded to the superordinate time recording system (SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM, or others). Further

Innovative and certified

The solution has been developed and certified within the scope of the SAP co-innovation program as a solutions extension for SAP SuccessFactors 'Employee Central'. As such, the necessary SAP licenses are part of the solution. The dormakaba jay cloud is one of the big favorites at the SAP Innovation Awards 2018.

Do you want to know more?

We are happy to show you the solution and the associated possibilities on your premises. In the case of projects, we work closely with our partners in order to assemble and implement the best possible solution for you.

Here you’ll also find further information as well as our contact details.

Published: 13. April 2018

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