HR software solutions for SMEs

HR software solutions for SMEs

Why every SME can afford a first-class HR today

HR software solutions for SMEs

In our agile world of steadily growing competition, small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly under pressure. Talented new professionals and executives need to be recruited, and existing personnel retained within the company. And HR is responsible for this. However, SMEs are precisely where unconventional HR structures are to be found. HR tasks are often performed by individuals, or various activities are taken on by the accounting department as a sideline. The HR function sometimes operates in old fashioned, not to say dusty manner, or is unprepared and overwhelmed in the context of rapid company growth.

No matter how you look at it – SMEs need a friendly nudge in the direction of digitisation, those who fail to adapt will lose. Large companies are already on board this train, which is relentlessly steaming ahead. But SMEs have been left behind, among other things due to the high cost of software. So what’s the good news? Now, any SME can afford first-class HR!

Attractive and affordable software solutions for all HR areas signify a veritable revolution for SMEs. With very favourable licensing costs, an SME can afford a preconfigured master-data management system including payroll. If the company wants to invest a little more, it can also break away from old-fashioned paper dossiers and deal with HR processes with no knowledge of programming. And if they want to reinvent the entire HR function, they can also lease a comprehensive talent-management suite for the purpose. Whether for recruiting, employee assessment or succession planning – everything is included!

Of course, it takes advice, trust and a good dose of courage to jump onto the digital transformation train. We would be pleased to accompany you as a competent partner in this process. Here you can learn more about our HR for SMEs offer.

Published: 5. October 2017

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