HR process design

HR process design

Take the strain off your administrative HR with slimline processes

HR process design

Take the strain off your administrative HR to give time and space for customer-focussed work with slimline, efficient processes that are geared to your existing tool landscape.

How we work

We analyse your existing process documentation and lists so we can have the optimum preparation for process optimisation. We first gain an initial impression of your current HR system landscape and you provide us with information about your current pain points by means of a process questionnaire. We analyse this in depth in a joint workshop. Together we decide which specific processes should be optimised, on the basis of the information collated up to that point. The selected processes are then addressed in an optimisation workshop and refined so that you have clean process documentation. Finally, you will receive a process portfolio template and a procedural plan for long-term embedding of the optimised processes.

Customer example

We were able to optimise and standardise various processes from two sites as part of a larger project with a hospital trust. The current situation was accurately documented during several joint workshops and a target status tailored to the customer was defined for the selected processes. As part of the next step in this project, the processes were uploaded into a tool. It was therefore possible to ensure during the process optimisation phase that the processes were slim and standardised as well as optimised for the intended tool.

How can we accompany you?

Emanuela Nifoudis is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


How you benefit

  • Structuring of your processes using a process quadrant
  • A process map and a canvas for three optimised processes
  • A process portfolio template and a procedural plan for embedding processes

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