SAP Concur

SAP Concur

SAP Concur Travel & Expense integrates travel management and the settlement of expenses in a single, automated, end-to-end expenses process. This all-in-one software accelerates workflows, reduces errors and creates transparency with regard to the entire travel and expenses management process.

Why SAP Concur?

  • Cloud-based travel and expenses management

  • Automated, end-to-end expenses process

  • Extensive network of partners for travel planning

  • Global guidelines with country-specific annexes

  • Automated receipt recognition

  • Fully embedded in system landscapes

  • Comprehensive reporting facilities

Integrated solution for any company

Whether they are an SME or an international player, every company has to deal with business travel and expense claims. But frequent international travellers have different requirements when it comes to travel management than employees in the field service organisation who return to their desks every day, for example, or those who only travel occasionally. SAP Concur has the versatility to adapt to a wide range of client requirements. We offer you support, from the analysis and improvement of your existing processes to system configuration and implementation as well as training and evaluation. We also guarantee seamless integration into the existing HR process landscape as well as your finance and controlling systems.

SAP Concur Expense

SAP Concur Expense automatically assigns expenditure to the correct expenses claim. Other statements and receipts can simply be photographed on the go and also allocated directly. This saves valuable time and avoids the usual piles of papers. The expenses module calculates exchange rates, takes country-specific peculiarities with respect to the calculation of travel expenses into account and automatically determines local VAT rates. This makes the review and approval process faster, which means that expenses can be reimbursed promptly. SAP Concur Expense also supports a large number of currencies and languages, and can be integrated into a wide range of electronic invoice verification (EIV) systems via standardised interfaces.

  • Automated expense settlement processes
  • Integration of expenses policies via validation mechanisms
  • Automated calculation of flat rates and mileage allowances
  • Fast and simple recording of expenses using the travel expenses app

SAP Concur Travel

The SAP Concur Travel solution for travel management simplifies the process of booking business trips. Compile all the data, comply with travel expenses policies and monitor costs. The travel tool makes it easy for employees to search for and book their business travel using their smart phone, tablet or computer, in keeping with your company's travel policy. The booking system registers travel information from a number of global distribution systems (GDS) and lists independently negotiated and public rates as well as direct connections and exclusive, online rates. In order to make settling travel expenses smooth and simple, all your travel office's travel itineraries, bookings and charges are automatically transferred from the online booking engine.

  • Travel options from multiple global distribution systems
  • Greater compliance thanks to validation mechanisms and support for regulations
  • Mobility and independence thanks to a cloud-based solution
  • Electronic invoices expedite the settlement of travel expenses

The end-to-end travel and expenses process

SAP Concur allows business travel and expenses to be managed by means of a single, end-to-end process. The solution supports your process from the travel application and booking to settling travel expenses and the subsequent analysis. The tool offers a number of functionalities to avoid system discontinuities, and standardised interfaces facilitate integration into surrounding systems.

  • A single system is used to book business trips and settle travel expenses.
  • Transactions involving company credit cards and lodge cards are carried out between the card providers, SAP Concur and the traveller via standard connections.
  • Travel booking data is automatically translated into travel expenses for settlement and linked to an image of a receipt.
  • Automated receipt recognition reduces the manual workload associated with recording expenses.
  • Travel applications can also be incorporated if necessary.
  • SAP Concur supports the reimbursement of expenses via employee creditors or payroll.

HR Campus as an implementation partner

The HR Campus team can support you professionally with SAP Concur implementation and every functional aspect of travel and expense management. It has been more than 5 years since we started dealing with finance issues and suitable Cloud solutions. We were SAP Concur's first European partner and have worked hard together on modern, automated end-to-end travel and expense accounting processes since 2014. Why not benefit from our experience in more than 100 Swiss and international projects with rollouts in more than 20 countries? We can help both during the implementation project and in ongoing, everyday support.

SAP Concur "The perfect trip"

SAP Concur FAQ

SAP EIV systems can be connected by means of Integration with SAP Concur Solutions via a standard SAP interface. The interface is based on an HTTPS connection and communicates with SAP Concur via the REST-API. Both a direct connection and interfaces involving middleware are possible. This web service interface is an asynchronous connection in which the request and the establishment of the connection are always initiated via the EIV system.

Generally speaking, any other EIV system can be connected. In addition to a wide range of import avenues, SAP Concur also recognises standardised export avenues that can be used via an SFTP server using flat file technology. Alternatively, other systems can also be integrated via the web services and the available API information.

SAP Concur fulfils the criteria and requirements for the electronic archiving of receipts as a matter of principle. Images of receipts are assigned a time stamp and cannot be altered, making them audit compliant. In any case, it is advisable to check the approval of electronic receipt archiving with the relevant authority. Experience has shown that it is usually no longer necessary to keep physical receipts for domestic travel costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

SAP Concur usually calculates VAT and sends it to the EIV system for booking. The calculation and reclaiming of domestic and foreign taxes can be outsourced to a service provider. Several such providers can be linked directly to your Concur entity, allowing aspects of taxation to be outsourced and the optimisation of tax reimbursement claims.

Credit card and lodge providers connect with SAP Concur via standardised interfaces. The major card providers are familiar with this kind of connection with SAP Concur, although the same providers cannot be connected in every country in the world. The integration of company cards improves the quality of data thanks to the recording of expense information in advance, such as the amount, the date, the exchange rate and more. All travel and expenses data is also summarised in a reporting tool. Both company cards that are paid by the employee themselves (individually paid), and are therefore relevant in terms of outgoing payments, and those paid by the company (company paid), which do not require any reimbursement of the employee, are supported.

The currency of reimbursement is specified for each employee and/or company. Expenditures are converted into the relevant currency for outgoing payment based on the master data and the location where they were incurred. Concur calculates using the daily exchange rates published on the Oanda platform. However, other exchange rates may also be loaded into the system.

The SAP Concur cloud solution is available free of charge as a mobile application for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. The app supports almost all the functionalities that are available in the browser version. It is worth using the app to photograph expense receipts with receipt recognition and to record the number of miles travelled in your private vehicle thanks to integration with Google Maps.

In addition to standard expense types, client-specific types of spending can also be defined. In this way, fixed amounts, maximum limits, calculations or other assessment rules can be defined in accordance with company policies. In certain countries where daily allowances are prescribed by law (such as additional meal expenses in Germany), SAP Concur also provides assistance by automatically calculating the correct daily rates and ensuring that they are constantly kept up to date.

The data centres for SAP Concur in EMEA are located in Paris and Amsterdam.

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