Qualtrics' cloud-based platform enables you to gather valuable information and feedback from your employees in order to make fact-based decisions. Surveys in real time make it possible to initiate tangible changes promptly. The individual "pulse monitors" along the HR processes show you where improvements should be made. It's no secret that positive experiences at work nurture committed and motivated employees.

Why Qualtrics?

  • Keep your finger on your employees' pulse in real time

  • Both ready-made and flexibly adaptable surveys

  • Automated surveys along the life cycle

  • Fact based for effective action

  • Can be integrated into proven HR solutions

  • Role-based dashboards and reports

Listen, understand and act

Correct assumptions lead to good decisions – that's why fact-based decision criteria are indispensable today. Using Qualtrics, you link available corporate data, such as early fluctuation, to your employees' experience. This will enable you to identify sources, pre-empt negative outcomes and initiate effective steps. It is often the case that the C-level only finds out about the burning issues that are troubling employees indirectly, and sometimes in distorted form. Using Qualtrics, you enable an unimpaired flow of information between corporate management and employees. Surveys can be provided in anonymised form if needed.

Employee Engagement

Large-scale, annually recurring employee surveys no longer meet today's needs. Using SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement, you will gather feedback faster and more frequently to find out what is really important to your workers. And, even more importantly, you can act accordingly. You can use the insights gained to make continuous improvements in your employees' working experience. 

  • Employees are closely involved
  • You understand relationships between actions and their effects
  • You can approach challenges on the basis of facts
  • High-impact tools for managers

Employee Lifecycle

Do you know how effective your onboarding programmes are in making new employees productive, and why top performers leave the company? With Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle, you gain important insights into such issues by gathering feedback from your employees at the key contact points. You will then be able to identify areas for improvement and can take proactive, targeted steps. For example, by implementing measures to involve employees more closely or ensuring successful onboarding programmes.

  • Automated employee surveys along the employee life cycle
  • Best practice models
  • Real-time indications of employees at risk of moving on
  • Can be integrated into SAP SuccessFactors and other HR IT systems

Employee Experience

Qualtrics helps you to involve employees in assessing the processes. Adjustable triggers initiate feedback from employees along HR processes from recruitment to offboarding. The valuable information obtained helps you improve these processes and thereby enhance people's work experience. These high-impact measures produce satisfied, committed and better trained workers. You will have ready-made, scientifically underpinned surveys from Qualtrics experts at your disposal:  surveys relating to the application process or the first working week, such as the "candidate experience" or "onboarding experience". You will thus make life pleasant for new employees right from the start and can react if there is potential for improvement. Why not turn your employees into brand ambassadors?

Annual employee survey with more impact

The annual survey of your employees is still pending? Carry out the survey in-house and give superiors access to the anonymous opinions on a clear dashboard. Daniel Wohl will show you the latest developments in employee surveys in Qualtrics' "Base Engagement" module.

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