Payroll Health Check

Payroll Health Check

Is your payroll on such a firm foundation that it is ready to face tomorrow's challenges? Take our Payroll Health Check to find out. In a comprehensive workshop, we scrutinise your payroll closely and identify all the possible ways to optimise it. Our recommendations put you in a position to tap its potentials.

Why conduct a Payroll Health Check?

Nowadays, simply processing the monthly payslips is no longer enough to ensure a modern and audit-compliant payroll system. Challenges of constantly growing complexity have to be mastered.

A Payroll Health Check is worth your while if you are concerned about the following issues:

  • Does your current payroll organisation meet today’s internal and external demands?
  • Are your payroll processes aligned with the company’s requirements?
  • Are your legal and contractual processes and procedures up to date?
  • Is your data security in accordance with the legal requirements / compliance rules?
  • How efficient is the support provided to your employees in their daily work



Our approach and the advantage for you

In an all-day workshop, we analyse the current status of your payroll together on the basis of a specially designed questionnaire. Together with your whole team, we dive deep into various payroll processes and compare them with proven best practice approaches.

Our aim is to show you exactly where optimisation potentials lie and how you can take targeted steps to implement them. At the end of the workshop, you receive comprehensive documentation with detailed results and clear recommendations on actions and priorities for your payroll.


«Payroll is made up of a variety of complex, critical processes. This is why I recommend all customers to consider the Payroll Health Check. It ensures that they are optimally equipped for future challenges.»

Hugo Braun

HR Campus, HR Services

Your contact person

Would you like to carry out our Payroll Health Check in your company? Or do you already have a clear idea of how we can support you? Beat Jauch looks forward to hearing from you.

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