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Cendres + Métaux

Increasing efficiency in HR administration

Cendres + Métaux

The main objectives of Cendres + Métaux following its significant corporate growth were to manage HR documents intelligently throughout the entire employee life cycle, reduce administrative tasks in the HR department and generally improve HR services. These goals - and much more - were achieved thanks to the UKG HR Service Delivery platform.



Cendres + Métaux, founded in 1885, has specialised in micromechanical production of high-quality semi-finished and finished products and precious metals recycling for almost 140 years. As a contract manufacturer for the luxury, industrial and medtech sectors, the company develops customised solutions in conjunction with its partners. Following the integration of several companies, Cendres + Métaux recorded a significant increase in the number of employees, which led to an increased administrative burden in terms of HR data and information. Personnel dossier management posed a particular challenge in this context. Although a large proportion of the dossiers were already available digitally, there was no clear structure and no capability to provide location-independent access and manageable access control. It was therefore essential to find a dynamic, intelligent solution that would simplify daily administration, reduce the administrative burden on the HR department and automate HR processes. The solution had to be easy to integrate and compatible with existing tools, especially the existing HRIS. Another important criterion was the potential solution’s user-friendliness and intuitive operation.


The company opted for UKG HR Service Delivery, a state-of-the-art platform that enables simple, efficient HR management. It simplifies HR teams’ administrative tasks and thus reduces their workload. At the same time, it offers efficient HR support for all employees to ensure a modern, optimised employee experience. The functions include an HR knowledge database, workflow and HR process automation, and easy creation of digital forms. The HR knowledge database enables employees to find answers to their questions at any time. Modern, proactive document management enables automatic creation and saving of documents, an electronic dossier for all employees with role-based access rights, and flexibly customisable storage by the HR department.


Thanks to UKG HR Service Delivery, Cendres + Métaux has been able to significantly reduce the administrative burden, respond more quickly to employee requests and offer a better quality of service. Employee dossier and information management is completely digital and centralised, which enables quick, universal access to information without having to search through physical dossiers. The platform enables the HR department to adapt new functions or make content changes independently and without IT intervention. The HR function at Cendres + Métaux became much more agile and efficient.

"I recommend HR Campus to any person or organisation wanting to make life easier. We always have a contact person available throughout the entire integration process and for any questions," says Marlène Matondo, HR Business Partner at Cendres + Métaux SA. "We particularly appreciate the fact that we are assigned a fixed contact person to whom we can address our questions directly, without having to involve different people.”



Company: Cendres + Métaux

Sector: Luxury, industry and medtech

Employees: 728

Product: UKG HR Service Delivery

Published: 12. June 2024

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