HR Cosmos

HR Cosmos

Never alone again in HR! One person alone has rarely achieved much. That's why we have developed HR Cosmos with Starmind - the largest HR knowledge platform in Switzerland.

HR Cosmos

Life before HR Cosmos

You live in Switzerland and you work in an SME. You'll have been dealing with HR on your own for years. You're good at your job, but you can't be expected to know everything. You regularly spend hours trying to find the relevant paragraph of the law or the new withholding tax rate. And when you're stumped, you pick up the phone and call somebody you know will know the answer. In some cases, the information will be free, but detailed explanations may come at a cost. Either way, finding what you need costs time, money and a certain amount of wear on your nerves. And more than likely you're left with a feeling of frustration. So could there be a simpler and quicker way?

Life with HR Cosmos

Well yes, there is! It's precisely for people like you, that, together with Starmind, we have developed the HR Cosmos knowledge platform. Many HR managers are faced with the same questions as you. On the other hand there are plenty of HR specialists out there who have the answers to your questions. HR Cosmos has created a platform to bring you all together to share your knowledge. HR Cosmos knows no boundaries – as well as being fast, precise and personalised. Your questions are directed to the specialists in the network best qualified to answer them, and their answers can be commented upon and rated. A living HR encyclopaedia that is being expanded on a daily basis - on HR Cosmos you will find information about current HR law, technical explanations, managerial best practice and useful tips. You can add to your HR knowledge every day, discover the latest trends in the HR world and establish your profile as an HR professional.

What makes HR Cosmos unique

HR Cosmos is no ordinary network. It uses machine learning algorithms based on the principles of artificial neural network research to direct users' questions automatically to the right person within the network. This smart technology enables HR Cosmos, based on the different interactions and answers, to get to know users' interests and areas of expertise and to turn them into a dynamic knowledge base. The algorithms automatically generate user profiles and build up a deep HR expert network. Thanks to HR Cosmos, artificial intelligence also reaches the HR sector in Switzerland!

Will HR Cosmos change the way you work?

Why not try out HR Cosmos and let us know how you get on!

Published: 10. January 2018

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