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Bad Zurzach and Baden Health Promotion Foundation

Maximum optimisation – digital expenses process for the whole Foundation group

Bad Zurzach and Baden Health Promotion Foundation

The health promotion foundation has the following mission statement: «Our work focuses on people and their health. As a result, we establish and guide charitable institutions, conduct benefit-oriented research for the future and actively promote development of Zurzach and Baden as healthy locations.»

Initial situation

The Foundation group companies operate in several areas of business and in multiple cantons in German-speaking Switzerland. They employ not only commercial staff, but also everyone from medical practitioners, via gym instructors, to people from a variety of technical professions. Up to now, all the companies have filled out expense claims on paper forms, handed them to their line manager for approval and then sent them to the HR department via internal post for payment. The whole process was very time-consuming, error-prone and unclear. It was obvious that a digital expenses solution would offer great potential for optimisation.


Thanks to Edi's artificial intelligence, our integrated expenses regulations and the connection to Google Maps, employees are helped to process cash or mileage expenses according to the regulations in no time at all. It was possible to include and implement the differing stipulations for employees, executives and the various Foundation companies. Thrilled by the possibilities presented by Edi, the department has decided to also use the HR development to digitalise training and CPD expenses, as well as for the existing project. This extension was achieved using the «Request» add-on. This lets everyone involved in the workflow have a permanent, good overview of the training budget available and actual expenses.


The project started in mid-October 2022. After a month, the expenses tool was introduced for a three-month pilot phase for a diverse group of employees. It was thus possible to collate continuous feedback and implement optimisations directly. Edi was rolled out to all employees in March 2023. Thanks to the professional approach to the pilot phase, it was possible to process expenses digitally within a day. Employees were provided with brief instructions and offered Q&A sessions to help them. The majority of employees found their own way independently around the intuitive Edi tool.

Project manager Katja Tamasco and Nicole Knecht, head of the Health Promotion Foundation's HR Service Center, are enthusiastic: «Thanks to the many report functions, we have been able to carry out active controlling and use the resulting findings to further develop our expenses regulations and other benefits. The investment was definitely worth it and paid for itself in a very short time. The most important thing for us, however, is that employees are very satisfied and are able to use the time they have clawed back for activities that add value.»


Company: Bad Zurzach and Baden Health Promotion Foundation

Sector: Health, real estate and facility management


Published: 24. July 2023

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