Human resources planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

Human resources planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

Increase the efficiency of your HR planning with SAP Analytics Cloud. Optimise resources, minimise bottlenecks and maximise your company’s success. Get the fully automated Cloud solution now for a futureproof HR strategy.

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Why HR planning using SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud’s planning solution enables companies to effectively plan and simulate their workforce. The tool makes it possible to generate a range of scenarios and analyse their impact on workforce planning. It helps companies to make the optimum use of resources, identify bottlenecks early and avoid surplus capacity. Integration into the SAP Analytics Cloud gives companies access to real-time data, in order to make well-founded decisions. Human resources planning with SAP Analytics Cloud is a valuable tool to maximise the labour force’s efficiency and productivity.

Your benefits

Complete, automated integration with your SuccessFactors Suite:

  • Use of existing master data to avoid incorrect data entry.
  • Live integration for an up-to-date insight (cost centres, opened positions, etc.).
  • Capability to integrate with other, relevant systems beyond the HR suite.

Simulation of FTEs and human resources costs:

  • Input of growth targets and fluctuation for subsequent years.
  • Free simulation options based on the Value Driver Tree.
  • Create your own scenarios and highlight different strategies with their impact on KPIs.
  • Predefined demo reporting with planning and simulation data, as well as overview of newly created positions from the planning process.

Capability to retrieve your budget data in your SuccessFactors Suite:

  • Closed-loop planning cycle in just a few clicks.
  • Coordinated planning fields, as in SuccessFactors Suite:
  • Capability to extract scheduled positions and FTEs and other options for automated retrieval.

What does human resources cost planning in SAP Analytics Cloud include?

Our planning solution includes the following standard modules:

Module: Human resources cost planning (FTE)

  • Human resources planning (FTE) with new positions, integrated comments function, transfers, terminations and batch/mass reports.
  • Possible interactions within the tool.
  • Known changes are automatically made on the due date.
  • Simple simulations for different scenarios through mass modification.

Module: Human resources cost planning (PEX):

  • The data set can be expanded by human resources costs (base salary, bonuses, one-off payments) based on human resources planning.
  • Integration of OASI/IV calculation.
  • Simulation of pay rises for two successive years (linear extrapolation).
  • The standard planning solution can be expanded as desired according to your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all peripheral systems can be connected to the SAP Analytics Cloud in order to carry out comprehensive analyses – including those that are non-SAP-specific.

Additional fields from your SAP SuccessFactors (or even other master data systems) can be incorporated directly into the planning. The solution offers standard content that is configured in your SAP SuccessFactors.

Depending on requirements, there is the option to reintegrate plan data, such as permanent positions, into SAP SuccessFactors again. Alternatively, the plan data can be extracted from the SAP Analytics Cloud at any time.

No additional licences are required if you already have SAP Analytics Cloud planning licences. We would be happy to provide you with a quotation if you do not have any appropriate licences.

The best practice planning solution requires 20 days as standard but, depending on your specific requirements and add-ons, can be adapted flexibly to your wishes.

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