Performance management check

Performance management check

Enrich your performance management with purpose

Performance management check

Does your performance management match your values and vision? Is it sufficiently agile? Internal clarity about the status quo, inspiration from current trends and academic theory, practical input and a common understanding of your performance management's future direction create an effective starting point.

How we work

To facilitate the ideal preparation for the workshop, we send you a structured questionnaire that you fill in and return to us with helpful documentation. A selected group of (management) personnel takes part in a joint half-day workshop. This performance management workshop includes a structured representation of your status quo (model, processes, satisfaction), inspiration on topics such as agility, performance, OKR, motivation, remuneration and transformation, plus targeted interaction on your company's own situation. We then prepare all the information for you and present you with specific recommendations for action and a roadmap as to how these measures can be implemented.

Customer example

We conducted a joint performance management check with a customer from the media sector. We discussed the status quo with management and representatives from HR and listened to wishes and suggestions for the future. On the basis of this discussion and the input, we were able to present to the customer detailed recommended actions that highlight the measures the media company needs to implement to develop new performance management, and the effort involved.

How can we accompany you?

Robin Stahel is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


How you benefit

  • a common understanding of the status quo
  • awareness of current trends
  • expansion of practical knowledge
  • gain specific recommendations regarding the next steps

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