Increasing the employee experience

Increasing the employee experience

How to turn employees into fans

Increasing the employee experience

Do you want to recruit and retain employees with an authentic work experience? To achieve this, there should be perceptible and quantifiable key moments throughout the employee journey that are visible and formable.

How we work

The journey starts with your employees. During the first workshop, we find out what the protagonists (employees) need from their work environment, validate this and devise a joint compass for the work experience they will have in future. In the second workshop, we then derive the key moments (such as the first day at work) with managers, on the basis of the results. Integration of and commitment from management is essential in order to ensure lasting implementation of key moments in the working day.

Customer example

We were able to support a customer from the health industry on their journey towards increasing the employee experience. Because of the shortage of nurses, it is particularly key in the health sector for an organisation to be seen as an attractive and, above all, authentic employer. To achieve this, together with the customer and select employees we obtained employees' needs and wishes. The results of this survey provided the basis for definition and description of values and types of cooperation that should be made perceptible day-to-day, occasionally and during the key moments, which were also defined. Before these new values and cooperation types were introduced, employees' ideas for change were presented again, in order to be certain that their needs had been met correctly. In addition to the newly specified key moments and ways in which these should be experienced, a continuous survey ensures feedback on how the key moments are being experienced and thereby tests effectiveness of the new measures. This helps the customer to make any improvements that are required immediately. As a result, the company has an authentic image internally and externally and is always up to date with what its employees need in order to make the company an even more attractive employer.

How can we accompany you?

Philippe Dutkiewicz is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

How you benefit

  • Quantifiable and authentic employer brand
  • Employee journey with quantifiable and perceptible key moments
  • Tool to improve the technological, cultural and physical work environment

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