HR transformation

HR transformation

Take control of your daily HR challenges and shape projects

HR transformation

Make your HR fit to master the challenges of the daily routine and at the same time take an agile, effective and motivated approach to implementing changes and projects.

How we work

With carefully selected tools and workshop formats, we design your HR transformation with you. In the process we take an integrated, structured approach to your needs and wishes. The project is divided into three phases in order to achieve an optimum goal. The initial phase (analysis) primarily focuses on understanding your current situation. We analyse topics such as HR vision, policies, role structure, processes and systems. During the second phase (set-up), we specifically work out which measures are suited to you and your situation in order to bring about the desired transformation. Finally, we come to the impact phase, in which new routines are applied.

Customer example

We were able to provide optimum support for transformation of a major international instrumental analysis customer through our range of HR transformation services. The six-month project primarily focussed on the reorganisation of HR, the associated processes and the many demands from line managers and management. A co-creative approach enabled us to devise a new organisational structure for HR. At the same time, all the processes were analysed and structured so that they suit the reorganised HR. Furthermore, the many requirements and projects were brought together in a project portfolio and prioritised. In addition to the project portfolio, the HR department introduced a process that helps to continuously include input and ideas and immediately prioritise them correctly. Together we devised a meeting structure to ensure that the many changes are introduced into day-to-day working. This includes an overview of all the HR meetings, including their content and frequency, so that there is room for all the new and existing topics.

How can we accompany you?

Robin Stahel is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


How you benefit

  • A clear HR vision
  • An HR project portfolio incl. associated process
  • Modern HR organisation structure
  • Agile meeting structure
  • Committed HR employees

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