Automated entry and leaving survey

Automated entry and leaving survey

Take your employees' temperature at important key moments

Automated entry and leaving survey

Successful companies are relying increasingly on continuous employee feedback. An automated entry and exit survey, as well as regular temperature checks at other key moments, helps both HR and management to implement measures to strengthen employee loyalty and successful onboarding.

How we work

We help you with both the survey question content and technical implementation. Together we design the survey that is adapted to your corporate design. A dashboard is created for analysis, so that the relevant HR and management stakeholders can see everything at a glance. At the same time, we ensure technical integration of your master data and single sign-ons. Finally, all that remains is training for the employees involved followed by the go-live.

Customer example

We succeeded in optimising, digitalising and, above all, standardising the entry and exit surveys with a company from the banking sector. This meant that HR officers and management could gain continuous oversight of current strengths and weaknesses in both processes. This allowed the company to take rapid, effective optimisation measures, which in turn leads to happy employees.

How can we accompany you?

Clara-Sophie Körner is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


Clara-Sophie Körner

Clara-Sophie Körner

How you benefit

  • Automated entry and exit survey
  • Best-practice questions
  • Role-based dashboards for HR and line managers
  • Can be integrated into SAP SuccessFactors and other HR systems

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