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SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

Use the right analyses to make smart decisions

SAP Analytics Cloud

In the near future, SAP Analytics Cloud will offer SuccessFactors customers a range of standardized reports with state-of-the-art technology. Get the most out of it by combining various data sources, so as to be able to track your own strategy in a customized manner. In order to benefit from further business insight, we can provide you with SAP Analytics Cloud as a smart BI tool, with which you can also connect to third-party systems. Get the most out of it by combining various data sources, so as to be able to track your own strategy in a customized manner.

Data quickly and clearly in real time

You can create valuable business insights through constant access to your real-time data. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can access your data through a simple and appealing user interface – at any time and from anywhere. You can also share data and exchange information with all user groups via built-in collaboration features. The insights gained in this way lead to informed decisions and additional optimally exploited business opportunities. Fast and advanced analysis and clear presentations of the data allow users to simplify complex processes and gain a better understanding of business operations. At any time, employees can obtain information of relevance to them or benefit from integrated management reports at the touch of a button by using comprehensive self-service features for business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Access to on-premises and cloud-based data sources

Using hybrid data connections, data from on-premises and other cloud-based applications can be brought together within your SAP Analytics cloud-based application. You can not only discuss your data within a system, you can also consolidate important information from a variety of sources and systems, easily and in real time, to get the maximum benefit for your company.

Our solution

We will be happy to help you with a wide variety of issues: from the definition of strategic KPIs according to your individual requirements, through advice on the technical implementation, to support on a daily business.

Cross-company analysis

We will be happy to help you at HR-department level or put your entire organization under the microscope jointly with our partners at s-peers AG .


Any questions?

Tobias Mecke will be happy to hear from you and will gladly answer your questions.


  • 100 % web-based solution
  • One software for all analytics scenarios and all user groups
  • Seamless integration with SAP on-premises and cloud-based applications
  • Powerful data analysis in real time
  • Clear graphical representation of complex processes
  • Simple data consolidation from various sources and systems
  • Simplified data-based decision-making processes

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