employment reference swiss+

employment reference swiss+

Make it easier for your HR department and your superiors to create job references and interim references with employment reference swiss+. With the sophisticated evaluation grid, you can generate fair, legally compliant and transparent job references in just a few clicks.

Why employment reference swiss+?

  • Efficient and transparent reference-creation process

  • Legally compliant, professional and individualized

  • Text blocks in German, French, Italian and English

  • More than 8000 job-specific blocks for each langugage

  • Sector-specific foundations text blocks

  • Cloud or in-house installation

  • High time saving and cost reduction

  • HR Campus supports you through the introduction with an experienced team

  • HR Campus is a long-standing partner of the software owner IWP AG

Professional employment references

The employment reference swiss+® is the efficient, Web-based solution for rationalizing the entire employment-reference process. The software supports HR from the employee’s request for a reference, through the line-manager’s assessment to the review and handover of the reference by HR. Individual employment references can be created using an ingenious assessment matrix.

Job- and sector-specific text blocks

The intelligent core of the application consists of many thousands of job- and sector-specific text blocks, which have been continuously developed by IWP AG over more than 25 years. Employment reference swiss+ offers text modules for the following sectors: standard (commercial), healthcare, education, retail, gastronomy, banking, media, transport and police.

Interface for master data

A standard interface means that the master data required to produce references can be transferred from any HR or ERP systems (such as SAP, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, SwissSalary, Abacus, Oracle etc.).

Implementation by HR Campus

The HR Campus Team supports you professionally in the implementation of the swiss+® employment-reference application, as well as in all specialist aspects relating to the subject of employment references. The application can be installed in-house or simply leased as a cloud solution. If necessary, we can also take over the entire process of producing your references so that you can concentrate on your core skills. We have been a loyal partner of IWP AG since 2009 and have had a well-coordinated consulting team since then. We support you not only in the project, but also give you ongoing support in everyday life.

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Qualiform swiss+

Qualiform swiss+ software is the manager's close partner in employee training. It is based on the understanding that the continuous assessment of workers is the best foundation for their optimum development. And it provides human resources management with the perfect tool. With Qualiform swiss+, self-assessments can be carried out just as easily as external ones. Selected appraisals can be effectively visualised with a spider diagram.

Stellenbeschrieb swiss+

As a central and clearly structured platform, Stellenbeschrieb swiss+ helps to manage a company's role descriptions efficiently. The manager is automatically requested to prepare a job description if any gaps exist. Stored templates also make it easier to generate the profiles for your team. At the same time, employees can be integrated directly with the flexibly adjustable process. This raises awareness of job descriptions, which can therefore be kept up to date more effectively. The program also improves transparency within the organisation and motivates employees to contribute actively to HR processes.

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Groupe E SA

Groupe E SA

Thanks to the employment reference swiss+® job reference tool, Groupe E efficiently produces fair and high-quality job references.


Employee References with Added Value

Employee References with Added Value

How references can regain their status as valuable documents


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