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Cloud or on-premise, that's the question. Find out what SAP 2025 means and what options are open to you in the coming years.

SAP 2025 – What you need to know about it

Cloud or on-premise – that is the question. Find out what SAP 2025 means and what options are available to you in the coming years. We will certainly support with the familiar and on the way to the cloud.

What does SAP 2025 mean?

In recent years, SAP has invested heavily in cloud software and, by purchasing SuccessFactors, it has set itself on track for phasing out on-premise. Now SAP has announced that it will no longer be developing and maintaining its on-premise solutions from 2025. In this respect, the term SAP 2025 represents the transition to the cloud.

However, SAP is offering an alternative for customers who cannot or do not want to switch to SuccessFactors by 2025. From 2023, a new option based on SAP ERP HCM will be offered with a separate license that will run until 2030. However, no major innovations compared to today’s HCM solutions will be developed. It should also be noted that certain modules, such as recruiting, learning and travel management, will only be available in the cloud solutions from SAP.

Accordingly, SAP 2025 means thinking about your own system landscape, checking alternatives and planning the route to your own future. We will gladly show you your options.

Your options

Each company is unique and the journey of each customer is complex. This means that the choice of options and the timing of the transition are also individual.

as of today

2018 - 2025

2023 - 2030


You switch to SuccessFactors right now and ensure you have the long-term support and development of SAP.



SAP HCM on-premise

You keep your current system landscape for the time being and continue to work with SAP HCM. From 2023, you will be able to switch to SuccessFactors or the SAP HCM on-premise option.

SAP HCM on-premise Option

You switch to SAP’s transitional solution in 2023 and benefit from their support until 2030.




Successful transition to the cloud

Read more about our customers who have dared take the step into the cloud and mastered it with success.



At Sanitas Basic Insurance AG, we have introduced a modern solution for performance assessment. With the help of SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, Sanitas is able to identify talents at an early stage and improve employee performance.


Kuoni Reisen AG

Kuoni Reisen AG

Are you looking for a smart, complete solution for travel and expense accounting? At Kuoni, we revolutionized travel and expenses management with Concur.


SAP und HR Campus

Long-standing and proven connection

For many years, HR Campus has been a Recognized Expertise Partner for SAP HCM as well as a SAP Gold Partner and certified partner for SuccessFactors. In our many years of collaboration, we have been pulling in the same direction and focusing on the constant further development of the Swiss specifics for SAP HCM, as well as constantly striving for the best possible HR solutions for companies in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

SAP Certificates and Status

SAP Awards

  • SAP New Technology Award 2014
  • SAP MEE Partner Excellence Award 2017
  • SAP MEE Partner Excellence Award 2015





Need help?

We will be happy to advise you on how your individual path could look and to plan a roadmap for the coming years with you. Our experienced strategy team will advises you holistically, strategically and in terms of business management.

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