PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery Platform

PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery Platform

With PeopleDoc you can process employee queries more efficiently, automatize your HR processes and store documents securely and effectively. The solution can be easily implemented, integrated and applied.

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PeopleDoc Overview

If employees are dissatisfied with HR, there is mainly one reason for that: They do not get the information they need soon enough. Administrative inefficiency can have many causes: Forms are sent back and forth, responsibilities are not clearly defined or spontaneous requests come in that cannot be planned in advance.

With PeopleDoc, employees know to whom they can send their request, and they can find the information they need via a knowledge database. Processes are clearly mapped and centralized, which facilitates communication, coordination and request management. Documents are neatly filed in the e-dossier and sent to the employees' electronic inboxes. And thanks to the Analytics data, they can measure their own performance and react to changes in no time.

UKG PeopleDoc explained:

The functionalities in detail

PeopleDoc HR Ticketing

The HR department spends too much time answering the same simple questions over and over again, submitted by employees that expect an answer right away. An HR ticketing solution with knowledge database enables employees to find the right answers to their questions. More complex requests can continue to be forwarded directly to HR.


PeopleDoc Workflow & knowledge database

HR guides an employee through many stations of their employment with the company. This extends from onboarding to promotions and even internal secondments. With PeopleDoc, HR staff are given a tool to efficiently support events in an employee’s life. HR can individually create and quickly adjust workflows or forms from any location. Legal changes or operational requirements can be easily updated via a user-friendly operating interface. Also, an HR ticketing solution with knowledge database enables employees to find the right answers to their questions.


PeopleDoc E-Dossier

With PeopleDoc E-Dossier, HR departments can manage documents actively. This ranges from document creation to archiving, access and distribution to deleting personal dossiers. Data is retained at a secure central location that can be accessed from any device at any time and from anywhere.


PeopleDoc Analytics & Reports

PeopleDoc Analytics gives you insight into previously undisclosed data. You will learn how long it takes for an employee to sign a contract or which topics most employee queries relate to. With this information, HR can now immediately address bottlenecks and measure its own performance to provide the best service and support to employees.

PeopleDoc HR Shared Services

Many companies have a shared service centre for handling day-to-day HR processes. However, they often do not recognise the real benefits. A solution for HR Shared Services transfers more responsibility to the employees and provides them with access via an employee portal. This increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Shared service centres use PeopleDoc solutions to manage and process employee requests more efficiently. This is a multi-tiered service delivery model that can be scaled globally.

PeopleDoc eVault

Wage slips and other employee documents have to be handed out to employees each and every month. On the agenda: repetitive tasks, missing documents, printing costs and postage costs. Say goodbye to endless searching for documents and sending out paper copies. Distribute employee-related documents with just a few clicks thanks to PeopleDoc eVault. Integrated into the PeopleDoc E-Dossier, the electronic inbox (eVault) makes it easy for your HR department to securely send documents to employees. HR productivity can be increased as HR teams can win back valuable time.


Success Storys with PeopleDoc

Helvetia Insurance

Helvetia Insurance

Thanks to UKG People Assist, Helvetia has a digital HR hub and thus benefits from smooth communication between employees and HR.


Bachem AG

Bachem AG

Bachem AG received a completely new HR-IT landscape. HR and employees benefit from modern recruiting, professional master data management and employee-friendly workflow & ticketing.


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