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Outmatch Video

Outmatch Video, known as Wepow since 2014, is the market and innovation leader in video recruitment in Switzerland. This software enables companies to make their recruitment processes more efficient and flexible by way of structured, mobile or live interviews. Using Outmatch Video not only saves valuable screening time, but also offers job seekers greater insight into vacant positions.

Why Outmatch Video?

  • Pre-recorded video interviews

  • Live interviews with up to four participants

  • Can be deployed internationally, multilingual

  • Reduction of recruitment costs

  • Data protection in accordance with GDPR guidelines

  • Integration into applicant tracking system

  • Saves time and improves decision-making

  • Employer branding

Outmatch Video at a glance

With structured video interviews, Outmatch Video not only facilitates a completely new quality of recruitment, but also lets participants get to know each other. The recorded video questions and other elements can be combined in an individual, playful way to create a consistent interview giving all applicants a coherent,contemporary and joyful application experience. Your HR department can identify suitable candidates for various job profiles more quickly than ever before, thereby substantially shortening the time to hire while also uncovering hidden talent. 

Set up, invite and interview

Combine your interview steps in accordance with the job-requirements and your target audience to create a strong first impression. As soon as the interview has been set up, you can send an invitation to your candidates via email or social link. You can add the applicants individually or in batches using the list import feature. Alternatively, you can use ATS integration with automated invitations and status changes. An asynchronous interview only has to be set up once. The candidates can do the interview independently and flexibly, needing no further instructions from you.

  • Branding in your CI on the landing page
  • Emotional and authentic video messages
  • Intuitive to use and lightning-fast to set up
  • Set up new interviews within minutes
  • Identify perfect matches quickly and easily
  • No hidden talents are missed

Evaluate and plan the next steps

Wepow lets you carry out evaluations quickly and easily. You get an overview of current candidate progress, and can track and sort completed interviews. The tool also offers you the option of sharing candidate answers with line managers. Within a short time you can plan the next steps - an in-person job interview with the most interesting applicants. 

  • Simplified cooperation
  • Line management involved from the beginning or selectively
  • Any feedback received is displayed in a structured manner
  • Inclusion of video messages from superiors or colleagues
  • Integration into various applicant management systems

Outmatch Video FAQs

Video Outmatch is suitable whenever you have more than just a handful of exciting applicants with potential. And when a position requires more focus on personality rather than the hard facts in their CVs. Or when you want to find out more about applicants’ communication skills, general behaviour or motivation. Video Outmatch also comes with the benefit that applicants can be introduced to the working environment, colleagues and management early on in the process without great effort, providing major added value for the applicant and reinforcing your employer branding.

No, the video interview replaces the telephone or Skype screening at the beginning of the interview process. The structure and consistency of this type of pre-selection means that you only invest a fraction of the time but still get all candidates on board on an emotional and personal level. You offer a virtual company tour while also clarifying the most important questions for selecting the best talent, which you then invite for an in-person job interview.

Yes, when used correctly. Typed questions are too impersonal for applicants. But if you want to get to know each other as equals, then personal video messages are the way forward. If the first contact is positive, the level of identification of the applicants is already higher.

You can link the two platforms Outmatch Video and Outmatch Assess easily to create a structured virtual candidate journey.By integrating assessments and video interviews, you can offer candidates a much faster process and at the same time find out more about their talents than ever before. You define whether the interview will start automatically once the assessment is completed or whether you prefer to invite selected candidates. The answers to your video questions can always be found on the assessment reports with the interview guideline.

You and your applicants just need a device with an internet connection, camera and microphone. The system runs on all standard operating systems from all manufacturers.

Video Outmatch is fully compliant with data protection provisions and offers high security standards:

  • Privacy Shield certified
  • GDPR + Schrems II compliant
  • Servers in the EU
  • 128 bit encryption
  • SOC & ISO certified

Video interviewing from the applicant's perspective

After a greeting with or without video message, your applicants can test the technology and go through a practice run. When they’re ready, the interview begins with the first question. The applicants then have a specified amount of time to think and answer.

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Video Interviewing – for a modern recruiting process

Video Interviewing – for a modern recruiting process

Video interviewing tools digitise personnel selection and help save costs and time. Talent selection finally becomes easy, fast and effective.




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