OutMatch Assess

Outmatch Assess

Discover new talent with the digital assessments from Outmatch. These assessments will be a valuable addition to your recruitment process. You can also recognise and develop your existing employees’ potential with Outmatch Assess.

Why Outmatch Assess?

  • HR solution for recruitment and personal development

  • Job-specific assessments with 900 validated profiles

  • Clear reports with interactive details available

  • Automated generation of interview guides

  • Intuitive user interface in your corporate design

  • Integration into existing recruitment solutions

Job-specific assessments for skill analysis

Have your applicants and employees complete job-specific assessments and get unique and insightful knowledge about personality traits, skills and cognitive abilities. Outmatch Assess gives you the opportunity to compare your candidates with the requirements of over 900 validated job profiles. This kind of personality analysis is very valuable for internal strategic personal development too.

Find new talent that’s right for you

  • Recognise applicants’ skills and personal characteristics
  • Simple match score from 1 to 5 between job profile and candidate
  • Compare applicants with multiple job profiles
  • Compare various candidates for one job
  • Filter and sort all results, including ranking

Discovering your employees’ potential

  • Individual knowledge about your staff
  • Recognise unused internal potential and skills
  • Analysis of possible prospects and career development
  • Development through skill-based learning and training
  • Strategic personal development of your company

Best matches at a glance

For quick evaluation, Outmatch assessments are automatically compared with your chosen job profile. The most important facts are visible at a glance thanks to clear infographics. You can compare a candidate’s assessment with additional job profiles in just one click - and find the perfect match. Detailed information can be viewed in the interactive multi-page report on request.

Discover sample report

OutMatch Assess explained in 3 minutes

Outmatch Assess FAQ

Candidates and staff are led through interactive tasks within an average of 5 to 7 minutes. Assessments last around 15 minutes for specialists, and managers may take between 25 and 45 minutes. Thanks to an intuitive and mobile-friendly user experience, the completion rate for Outmatch assessments is an industry-leading 97%.

Outmatch assessments investigate personality traits regarding thinking, working and relationship styles. Over 40 skills, 20 personality dimensions and countless cognitive skills can be measured. These predict the probability of success within a job or role.

  • Personality traits: Innate, stable characteristics that can impact performance in a work context
  • Skills: Relevant innate or learned characteristics
  • Cognitive skills: Abstract and logical thinking, mathematical and reading comprehension as well as sales knowledge

Outmatch Assess has over 900 DACH job profiles from various industries and hierarchy levels. The basis of this database was set up and validated by SCHEELEN, the internationally leading institute for talent profiling, personal development, recruiting and leadership, over the course of 30 years of psychological research and development. There are 43 different skills assigned to the job profiles based on 20 personality traits and weighted to DACH norm values.  

You can use over 900 ready-to-use, validated job profiles from all industries and hierarchy levels. Prefer to create your own job and skill profiles? Not a problem. Choose from 8 to 12 skills to find the most relevant for your user-defined role, and create your own unique job profile.

You can use the assessment evaluations to generate job-specific interview guides. The interview guide consists of job-relevant opening questions, questions on specific skills and follow-up questions relating to the assessment evaluation. Thanks to the structured Outmatch interview guide, you can benefit from a cohesive interview process. Moving forwards, the interview questions are ideal for subsequent video interviews.

You can link the two platforms Outmatch Video and Outmatch Assess easily to create a structured virtual candidate journey.By integrating assessments and video interviews, you can offer candidates a much faster process and at the same time find out more about their talents than ever before. You define whether the interview will start automatically once the assessment is completed or whether you prefer to invite selected candidates. The answers to your video questions can always be found on the assessment reports with the interview guideline.

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