Video Interviewing – for a modern recruiting process

Video Interviewing – for a modern recruiting process

Video interviewing tools digitise personnel selection and help save costs and time. Talent selection finally becomes easy, fast and effective.

Video Interviewing – for a modern recruiting process

Nothing stands in the way of digital transformation – not even recruiting. Nowadays, most companies are already using a digital or cloud-based applicant-tracking system, such as those of SuccessFactors or umantis.

The fact that the recruitment process and the selection of employees shape the future of a company is nothing new. This is exactly what such modern application tools are suited to. What is new, however, is how initial contact can be made with potential employees – with video interviews from Wepow, for example. This global provider offers digital interviews using a cloud-based solution. This means that the first meetings between recruiter and candidates can be in the form of time-shifted, mobile or live interviews. Wepow makes talent selection easy, scalable and effective.

Benefits of video interviews

Video interviews make it easier for candidates, supervisors and recruiters to get to know each other. The best applicants can be discovered much earlier in the application process, and valuable recruiting time can be saved. The time to hire is shortened, which can reduce costs. In a video interview, communication with candidates can be on equal terms: Not only the recruiter, but also the supervisor or the CEO can address their questions directly to candidates. At the same time, the candidate gets early insights into the culture of the company and gets to know potential team mates, because promotional or transitional videos for the company to present itself can be inserted before or after the interview questions.

The benefits of Wepow are many and varied. The entire tool can be designed in your own employer branding: Your own account can come in your own corporate identity / corporate design, and even the invitation to the video interview can be customized. Cooperation in the recruitment team is also simplified: With a single click, you can request feedback on completed interviews. Live interviews also offer the opportunity to chat, and there are interview templates as well as a Q&A library. The entire interview-management system is very easy to use.

The Wepow product

  • Time-shifted video interviews

This version of the video interview can be pre-recorded and sent to several candidates. This means you can bypass the classic, rather time-consuming telephone or Skype interview, and all candidates receive consistent and meaningful, time-shifted video-interview questions.

  • Live video interviews

After the initial interviews, you can easily hold live interviews with shortlisted candidates. At this point, you can decide for yourself whether you want to conduct one-on-one interviews or a group interview. Candidates do not need to register for a personal account or download software for this.

  • Mobile video interviews

With Wepow’s mobile employer app, you can recruit at any time – even on the move – and candidates do not even have to wait until they are at a computer: The candidate app means they can participate in mobile pre-recorded interviews, even on the road. A further app is available for mobile live interviews. All three apps are available for all smartphones from Google Play and Apple Store.

SuccessFactors–Wepow integration

If you are already using or planning to introduce the SuccessFactors Recruiting cloud-based applicant-tracking system, SuccessFactors–Wepow integration is the perfect match! Integration with Wepow gives you the benefit of API-based data exchange in real time. Further information can be found here.

umantis-Wepow integration

An integration to umantis is possible as well. The preconditions are relatively similar: either you already use the applicant management tool or you are thinking about using it in the future. For more information and technical definitions, refer to this link.

Want to know more?

We will be glad to visit you to show you the solution and the possibilities it offers. We work closely in projects with our partners to compile and implement the best possible solution for you.


Published: 5. July 2018

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