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Digitalisation of document management

Digitalisation of document management

Why document management needs to be digitized

Digitalisation of document management

Every HR process starts or ends with a document. Efficient document management is therefore essential. Document management incorporates document generation, document archiving and process management.

Although 90% of data is now automated, only 30% of document-based processes are. The digitalisation of document management not only offers huge potential for boosting efficiency and reducing costs, but also guarantees greater legal and data security.

There are many other important reasons why document management must be revolutionised. Digitalised processes offer a more sufficient guarantee of transparency, data security and up-to-date data and processes. Modern document management provides central document administration, document versioning and data transfer from SAP. This increases efficiency and transparency, and reduces errors. The introduction of digital personnel files generates a time saving of 50%, by providing an intelligent search and filing function and eliminating time spent copying and printing. Digital personnel files also reduce costs by 20%, owing to lower personnel and printing costs. Another practical side-effect is the physical space saved. An area of 114m2 is freed per 1000 digitalised files.

Efficient process management also ensures error-free document workflows. Entire processes can be continuously monitored and edited, from employee application via automated generation and management approval to dispatch and archiving. Reports included.

A digitalised DMS makes existing contents available, automates recurring processes and saves time and costs. And, last but not least, the environmental factor should not be disregarded. 20,000 files are administered in the canton of Lucerne alone; before file digitalisation, that was around 10 tonnes of paper. Digitalised DMS is not only modern and efficient, it also saves trees.

Published: 4. December 2017

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