Climeworks AG

Climeworks AG

Swiss company depends on SwissSalary® for its payroll accounting process

Climeworks AG


Before the project started, Climeworks was not using any software to handle its payroll accounting process. The monthly salaries were calculated in an Excel file with a sheet for every employee. Annual salary rounds or changes in social insurance deductions were also updated and re-calculated manually in Excel. HR sent payslips to employees by email every month.


When SwissSalary 365® was introduced, the entire payroll accounting process was digitalised and simplified. The software is also used as a personnel data management system which enables master data to be tracked and analysed. In addition, payslips, salary statements and employee communications are no longer sent by email, but supplied to employees at the touch of a button via SwissSalary Direct®.


Despite a tight project schedule, the project team successfully implemented SwissSalary 365® and SwissSalary Direct® within four months. This timeline comprised not only the installation of the system and connection of the self-service function, but also replication of the data from January to August because the system went live in mid-year. Recreating the previous months was a very time-consuming affair, but at the same time served as training for Climeworks’ HR team. After the successful go-live and project completion, it took only a few days to introduce SwissSalary Budget® a year later. This module generates forecasts, in either FTE or monetary values, and rounds off Climeworks’ new digitalised process with simplified reporting.


Company: Climeworks AG

Industry: Environmental technology, cleantech

Employees: 171

Product: SwissSalary 365®, SwissSalary Direct®, SwissSalary Budget®


Published: 5. May 2022

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