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HR Healthcare Workshop

HR Healthcare Workshop

The HR Strategy Workshop for Healthcare Institutions

HR Healthcare Workshop

The HR processes and workflows in the healthcare industry are much more complex than those in conventional institutions. In our workshop, we specifically address the peculiarities of this profession and analyse the actual situation of your particular company. Benefit from experienced moderators and best practices from over 120 healthcare projects.

Healthcare Challenges

Hospital human resource managers face special challenges as they operate in the complex and conflicting area between legislation, cost and quality:

The legal requirements for healthcare institutions are far more demanding. Many special cases have to be covered, such as fee-based work or the definition of clear specialist skill requirements. This complicates workflows and HR processes. Another challenge is the high cost pressure in the industry. Investments in modern HR structures have been held back in many companies, so hospitals often have higher administrative costs than companies in the private sector. A third hurdle are the high quality standards. In health care, a lot is at stake. Having the right staff in the right place at the right time can save lives. Strict HR guidelines are indispensable, but the focus on the needs of employees is often lost along the way. Furthermore, the heterogeneous needs of the different stakeholder groups, the doctors, nurses and the administration, must be met. And since many hospitals represent a network of experts in the broadest sense, decisions cannot simply be enforced.

Our offer

We will gladly help you find a path through these complex and conflicting requirements, step by step:

  1. We define a common target picture for your HR in the next 2 to 3 years.
  2. Together, we analyse your employee life cycle and assess the level of digitalisation and process quality.
  3. We develop a target for the urgent HR areas and identify the gap to the status quo.
  4. Based on this analysis, we identify quick wins and fields of action.
  5. We take a close look at your HR IT landscape and show ways to make it fit for the future.
  6. Together we prioritise and visualise the planned fields of action and measures on a roadmap.

The Health Check at a glance


  • Actual business situation and prospects for the next 2 to 3 years
  • Survey of current challenges and concerns in HR
  • Recording the current HR/IT system landscape
  • Filling out an HR digitisation questionnaire

Workshop (Deep Dive)

  • Discussion of requirements and wishes from employees, line and management
  • Analysis of pain points along dimensions (culture, vision, organisation and processes)
  • Discussion of the urgencies based on the digitalisation barometer

Recommendations for action

  • Management presentation
  • Summary of the findings from the workshop
  • Suggestions for implementation based on possible scenarios
  • Outline of a possible roadmap
  • Costs/internal resources/requirements

Project duration

0.5 days preparation
0.5 days workshop
1 day post-processing and debriefing


CHF 5'000 excl. VAT


You can expect the following results from the workshop:

  1. A clear overview of your biggest challenges and your current HR-IT landscape.
  2. Quick wins based on discussion and input from other customer projects.
  3. Clarity on how digitalisation can be implemented with resources (financial and human).
  4. A high-level timeline to make your HR fit for the future.

The workshops are conducted by experienced moderators with deep HR/process and IT knowhow. Benefit from the best practices from over 300 healthcare projects.

Contact us

Make an appointment for the workshop today or contact Raphaela von Rohr to answer any further questions.


  • Holistic analysis of your HR and IT landscape
  • Development of a clear target image for the future
  • Evaluation of the digitalisation level and process quality
  • Clear overview of your biggest challenges
  • Quick wins based on discussions
  • Inputs and best practices from equivalent customer projects
  • High-level planning timeline to establish modern and sustainable HR

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