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Use video interviewing to inspire and identify the best talent.


Wepow is the market and innovation leader for video-based recruitment in Switzerland. The software enables companies to make their recruiting processes more efficient and flexible by using time-delayed, mobile and live interviews. By using Wepow, you not only save valuable screening time, but also offer the job seeker more insight into the vacancy. 


Wepow not only creates whole new possibilities for quality in recruitment with its structured video interviews, it also allows the two sides to get to know each other. For each job profile, recorded video questions and other elements can be combined individually and playfully into a coherent interview, so that all candidates have a consistent, modern and enjoyable application experience. As a result, your HR team can identify the right candidates for different job profiles faster than ever before, significantly shortening recruitment times and discovering hidden talents. 

Several times a year, we offer free webinars to familiarize you with the Wepow software. Find out the various dates now and sign up without obligation. If you are interested in an individual demo, we would be very happy to hear from you. 

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You can find more information and descriptions of the software below. 

Wepow in detail

Challenges in recruitment

Personnel selection
The recruitment process is highly time-consuming and costly for the employer. On the one hand, the evaluation and selection of candidates ties up the related resources; on the other, the appointment of the wrong person can have expensive consequences. The aim of professional recruitment is to identify suitable candidates as efficiently as possible. 

Selection interviews take up a lot of time
The high professional requirement for preselection is particularly time consuming and is therefore a limiting factor. If the recruitment situation is good, only some of the “A” candidates can be invited for a personal interview. Often, it quickly becomes clear in an interview that there is no fit between the applicant and the position or the company.  In addition, “B” candidates cannot be carefully examined without structured preselection and thus remain undetected, although they would often contribute a great potential. 

Solution for increasing efficiency

Standardize preselection and save valuable resources
With Wepow, you standardize preselection and thus increase efficiency in terms of the time and money invested. In addition, the recruitment process is accelerated and waiting times for applicants are shortened. The use of predefined evaluation criteria with questions and assessment scales oriented on them ensures a high degree of objectivity in personnel selection. 

The time-delayed video interviews take place during the preselection phase, so they do not replace the classic job interview. However, the HR professionals can look at more candidates in the application process and invite those who created a good impression in the video interview to a personal job interview.  

A Fehr Advice study shows that video interviews can be an important building block for success in the recruitment process. 

How does Wepow work?

1. Set up the interview

Get a meaningful first impression by combining the interview steps you require according to the requirement profile and target group. 

The three video screening methods

Time-delayed video interviews:
With Wepow, you can record questions in advance and put them together in an structured manner for an interview – in your corporate design, of course. Candidates can then take the interview at any time and anywhere. This technology gives you meaningful impressions of the applicants and saves time-consuming and subjective telephone interviews. 

Live video interviews:
Wepow has been specially developed for personnel recruitment. As such, live video interviews can be conducted with up to four people. The advantage here is that the candidates need neither additional software nor a personal account, and all data protection requirements are covered.  As the employer, you also have the option of recording the interview and sharing it with decision makers.

Mobile interviews:
With our apps, you can always use Wepow and conduct interviews on the go. The Wepow candidate, recruiter and live apps are available for free from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. 

You can customize Wepow how you want and to your corporate design:

  • Image video or welcome video on the homepage
  • Form with single and multiple-choice questions
  • Video transitions to welcome applicants or introduce your team
  • Document upload
  • Definition of colours and background images

2. Invite candidates

Once the interview is set up, the preferred candidates can be easily invited via email or social-media link.  You can add the applicants individually or invite several to the interview at the same time by importing a list or by ATS integration. 

3. Conduct interviews

You only need to prepare a time-delayed interview once. The candidates can take the interview on their own and flexibly, needing no further instructions from you. You can use this time to deal with other issues and thus gain in efficiency.

4. Evaluate candidates

Wepow makes the evaluation quick and easy. You get an overview of the current candidate progress and can track and sort the completed interviews. In addition, the tool gives you the opportunity to share candidate replies with line managers. This means that before you know it, you will be able to plan the next step – the personal job interview with the most interesting applicants.

5. Analysis

Wepow allows you to track the work of your team and the performance of the candidates with ease. You can see which processes are working well and where there is room for improvement. 

Technical information

Wepow is absolutely privacy compliant and can also be integrated into various applicant-management systems. You can see an overview of this below. Can’t find your system? Get in touch with us! We will happily check for an integration. 

Privacy andsecurity

  • Privacy Shield certified
  • GDPR compliant
  • EU servers
  • 128-bit encryption, SOC & ISO certified


Various integrations and single sign-ons are available.

Do have any questions?

Thomas Haase looks forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.



  • Pre-recorded video interviews
  • Live interviews with up to 4 participants and recording option
  • Internationally applicable, multilingual
  • Reduction of recruitment costs
  • Data protection compliant with GDPR guidelines
  • Employer branding
  • Employer branding
  • Integration into various applicant tracking systems
  • Time savings by improving decision-making
  • Intuitive and easy operation

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