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SAP SuccessFactors puts the swing into your HR processes. With the Employee Central module, SuccessFactors fulfils all requirements for a modern, high-performance HRIS. In addition, SuccessFactors offers a modular talent-management system, which provides sustainable support for the success of your company.

SAP SuccessFactors gives you optimal cover for your operational and strategic HR processes. The modular architecture allows you to start working with the solution and expand it bit by bit according to your priorities. Furthermore, SAP SuccessFactors is not only ideally matched to S/4 Hana, it also integrates with classic SAP ERP solutions or any non-SAP solutions.

Do you want to focus on core operational processes? Then Employee Central is the answer to your needs. From organizational management and master-data management to flexible absence management, a full suite of proven SAP quality awaits you. Of course, from the outset you will benefit from integrated employee and manager self-services.

In the field of talent management, SuccessFactors’ integrated approach to the employee life cycle contributes to the sustainable success of your company. Getting all employees on the same wavelength requires the efforts of all parties. That is why SuccessFactors offers a holistic and joined-up approach to talent management. SuccessFactors leaves nothing to be desired – starting with recruiting, agreements on targets, performance evaluation through to learning, succession, remuneration, personnel planning and intensive reporting.

All solutions have been designed for seamless integration, not just for a uniform user interface, but also for consistent business integration.

Operational HR processes

SuccessFactors Employee Central

Employee Central is more than just global master-data management. Employee Central is at the heart of your HR system and the basis for all HR processes within the company. Employee Central scores with fully integrated employee and manager self-services, simple approval processes and cool mobile applications.

Whether for a Swiss SME or a major international corporation, Employee Central is 100% scalable and caters for the local legal requirements of more than 30 countries. In Employee Central, you define your organizational structure and maintain all HR master data from when a person joins the company, through organizational changes to when the person leaves the company. You decide for yourself which data may be changed by employees and supervisors themselves, and which follow-up processes are associated.

Is your company is growing or are you buying companies? With Employee Central, you can integrate new employees in record time, as there is no laborious as customization to slow you down. With Employee Central you gain speed and support your business. 

Based on best practices, the HR Campus Team will provide the best solution for your organization and ensure the clean integration to your entire system environment. We are no strangers to S/4 Hana, Hana Cloud Integration and Boomi.

The solution includes the following functionalities:

Master-data and organizational management

Recording and maintenance of all relevant employee and organizational data; employee and manager self-services; flexible workflows for the approval of data entries, data integration with talent-management modules.

Position management

Recording and updating of positions, job families and job profiles.

Absence management

Filing of work schedules, local holiday calendars, and holiday allowances and regulations; administration of various types of absences; requests for leave and approvals.

Authorization administration

Definition of more flexible role and authorization concepts;

Authorizations along the organizational structure and on the field level.


Comprehensive reporting of all master data; KPI reporting

Talent management

Recruiting module

With SAP SuccessFactors recruiting you will find the best talent. But not only that: You will also impress them with your company, select the best candidates, settle them quickly into their posts, and then know whether the new employees are driving your company forward. You control the entire recruitment process more efficiently from start to finish – and faster than ever.

Find the right talent

The recruiting module allows you to target the talents you need. The patented SAP SuccessFactors methodology ensures that your job offer gets the right message to the right candidates at the right time. With proven marketing methods, you will build long-term relationships with interesting applicants – and can quickly access a whole range of talent. This is how you quickly find the right employees. The selection processes improve, because you create accurate check lists with the required skills and come to agreements with the department managers while on the move. In this way, your decisions will be fair, sound and fast.

All formalities are dealt with in a simple manner. Your new employees will have immediate access to an in-house network. They can acquire information, exchange ideas with experts and colleagues, and thus be inducted in the shortest possible time. With your logo, your own colours and many other design variations, your company has developed an unmistakable style. You simply transfer this branding to your recruiting solution. This allows employees to identify better with their daily work environment. New recruitment strategies improve your company's return on investment (ROI) and lead to visible results.

Onboarding module

Onboarding ensures that new employees go through an optimal orientation process and are quickly familiarized with your business objectives in order to be able to work productively for the company in a timely manner. Accelerate the transition from applicant to employee through a smooth, forward-looking process, and deal with all the necessary formalities even before the first workday. Give new employees access rights to SAP Jam, so that they can get information on company content in the internal employee network in advance.

Fast integration of new employees

Before they start working in the company, you can give new employees access to a secure talent portal that they can reach from outside the company. By automating the delivery of forms, you can send the relevant forms to your new employees in advance online, so that they do not have to spend their first day dealing with redundant formalities.

Internal tasks of the onboarding process

Send email notifications to the IT and security department, as well as to all other people involved in the process of orienting new employees. Ensure that the processes remain on schedule. Use automatic reminder messages to allocate tasks and monitor new employees during onboarding. With SAP SuccessFactors Jam, new employees can find experts, contact persons, and training materials.

Learning module

With SAP SuccessFactors Learning, your employees can train in an easy and flexible manner. Many training sessions can even be done on the road – via smartphones or tablets. Course content can be easily managed and updated. Integrated analyses and reports bring transparency to learning results. The result is effective training that will take your business further.

More efficiently designed administration

You manage all training courses centrally. This reduces costs and improves the overview. Employees can acquire coveted certificates in selected training courses. Each participant can track the prerequisites already fulfilled at any time. Integrate the SAP Jam in-house social network into your training courses. In this way, employees achieve their goal more quickly and assimilate the learning content in the long term.

Learning for all

In addition to your own employees, you can also train partners and customers. With our extended enterprise solution, you can easily invoice for courses through e-commerce functions. Many automated processes simplify the daily work of your administrators. Software wizards and allocation profiles make the creation of new courses easy and fast. Lower costs and more efficiency – with the SAP SuccessFactors iContent service you ensure outstanding results.

Goals-and-performance module

Companies that consistently track and control the performance of their workforce can adapt much more easily to current changes in the competition and achieve sustained growth. With SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, the process focuses on employee performance.

Performance-management process

Your employees always get the guidance, feedback and recognition that spur them on to the best performance. Thanks to the comprehensive features, you are able to create a unique performance-management process. This allows you to evaluate past performance accurately and to improve future performance.

Goal management

Ensure that your employees are always focused on the right goals. Help your employees improve and succeed with regular feedback and coaching. Measure precisely how much your employees are contributing to the success of the business.

Compensation module

Time for compensation management that works for everyone: With SAP SuccessFactors compensation, you reward your employees according to their performance, facilitate bonus payments and motivate each individual to peak performance. Good reasons for your top talent to stay with the company in the long term. You also keep within compensation budgets and the respective compliance guidelines at all times. Automated processes keep possible sources of error to a minimum.

Fair pay

With performance-oriented compensation, you encourage your employees to give their best. An intuitive user interface allows you to easily and precisely manage the basic pay and the variable pay elements. With performance-based comparisons across the entire organization, you make the compensation process fair and transparent – and increase employee loyalty. Combine metrics, dashboards, and HR reports with other business data to create a precise overall analysis of all employees' salaries.

Keep an eye on the budget

Automated monitoring ensures that salary payments are within budgets. With built-in reports, you can reliably meet all compliance guidelines. Manage data efficiently and securely: All compensation data is automatically stored in a central location. You save time, reduce the risk of errors and increase data security.

Succession-&-development module

Promotions, job changes or retirement: the positions in your company are constantly changing. That’s fine if you have established the succession at an early stage. With SAP SuccessFactors succession & development, you identify the appropriate candidates across all levels and develop talent in a targeted manner. You promote employee retention and have a comprehensive, objective overview of all employees. Gaps in your talent can be reliably detected and filled.

Identify key positions

You already know which personnel requirements will arise in the future. In this way, you can ensure that your company strategy can be implemented in the long term. You will find the appropriate successors for all important positions. Then you prepare them for their future roles in a targeted manner. Keep an eye on critical information about each employee – from work experience, expertise and achievements through to goals.

Know all stations

Every change within your company is automatically noted. You quickly recognize which competences employees have acquired during their careers. This simplifies targeted training. With individual plans for further development, you will motivate your employees. You accelerate lifelong learning and avoid talent gaps. Use comparable criteria to ensure that employees are evaluated objectively and precisely.

Workforce-analytics module

Make decisions based on meaningful facts: with workforce analytics, you get quick answers to the key questions in your human resources department. You can investigate current challenges in detail and find the right solutions.

Combine strategy with implementation

Workforce analytics is fully integrated into the SAP SuccessFactors BizX suite. You get detailed insights into all areas of personnel work – and the right tools to use these findings. Benefit from tools, technologies, processes and services based on more than 30 years of experience in HR analysis. With SAP SuccessFactors you set new standards in your company with regard to employee statistics and comparison tests.

Join the community of experts

SAP SuccessFactors specialists support you in all issues concerning the analysis, planning and evaluation of employee data. Best practices help you quickly implement your company's strategy. Furthermore, you can join an online community where you can share your ideas with professionals from similar companies and get inspired.

Workforce-planning module

Strategic personnel management is about two questions: “Which business objectives are we aiming for in the coming years?” and “What kind of employees do we need to achieve these goals?” You will find out the competences your team already has, and which it needs for future projects. SAP SuccessFactors workforce planning helps you with this.

Combine strategy with implementation

Workforce planning is fully integrated into the SAP SuccessFactors BizX suite. The solution simulates and analyses “what-if” scenarios. In this way, you get a better understanding of the financial and operational impact of the options for action – and you accordingly make fast and well-founded decisions. In addition, you can optimize short- and long-term HR planning, succession planning, training, employee development, performance evaluation and much more.

Use proven expertise

 Benefit from the experience of SAP SuccessFactors. For more than 30 years, we have been working with personnel planning and strategy development, as well as with the collection and evaluation of employee data. This enables you to recognize personnel risks at an early stage and to initiate countermeasures. SAP SuccessFactors specialists support you in all issues concerning human-resources planning. With best practices and the experience gained from hundreds of customer projects, you quickly reach your goal. Furthermore, you can share your experience with experts from other companies in an online community.


SuccessFactors add-ons

SuccessFactors belongs to the future, which is why many software partners already use this platform with their own complementary solutions. Add-ons can be connected to SuccessFactors with ease. 

Audit and Compliance

With the Audit and Compliance tool, you perform simple plausibility and consistency checks, and also check the completeness of your data.

Clone and Test

A concept for many customers in the classic SAP world, this loyal companion is finally also available for SAP SuccessFactors. Copying, anonymization and migration of master data are just a few of the many useful features. An indispensable tool for test management in ongoing projects, for release upgrades or for training.

Quick Document Builder

Do you want to create work contracts, meaningful salary letters and many other employee-related documents and letters directly from SAP SuccessFactors? Then Quick Document Builder is the right tool for you.


The unique platform for digitized HR administration, thanks to an integrated HR ticket system and request management, can be easily linked to SuccessFactors. In addition to the HR shared-services functions, the solution also offers comprehensive process and document management.

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  • 100% cloud technology
  • Modular architecture
  • Complete basic configuration for SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Preconfigured master-data template for Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Built-in payroll integration
  • Continuous innovation thanks to quarterly releases
  • Mobile solution
  • Adapted to Swiss needs

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