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The digital HR platform


HR goes digital. PeopleDoc, the unique digital platform for employees, supervisors and HR, vastly simplifies administrative HR activities and employee inquiries. From the provision of personnel information and regulations, through the simple submission of requests to HR, to complex HR processes and document management – PeopleDoc is the administrative HR hub within the company. Self-explanatory. Mobile. Easy. 

PeopleDoc transforms classic human-resources management

With more than 2.5 million users and 10 years on the market, PeopleDoc has established its position in the world of HR solutions. Categorized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, PeopleDoc is impressive for its simplicity and efficiency in administrative HR.

Most companies are now well covered by IT solutions for the standardized and predictable HR processes. On the other hand, spontaneous queries and related activities that cannot be scheduled typically entail a high administrative burden, and this is precisely where PeopleDoc can bring structure and efficiency.

The focus is on reducing administrative work. By providing employees with all relevant information in a central location, almost 80% of all questions can be answered with self-explanatory replies. Where this is not sufficient, they can quickly create a ticket or start a process. Documents generated during the process are created automatically and stored in the digital dossier.


PeopleDoc solution spectrum

The following illustration gives an overview of the PeopleDoc solution spectrum.

The cloud-based solution can be implemented in a few weeks and is characterized by maximum security (SSAE16 SOC2 certification, ISO 27001 certification), and all activities are subject to the strict European Data Protection Directive.  Furthermore, app-like user guidance allows employees to use the solution without training. And the killer feature? – with comprehensive reporting and statistics, you can always see where there is still room for optimization and you can continuously expand your PeopleDoc.

Of course, PeopleDoc communicates with your existing operational and strategic HR systems. PeopleDoc integrates seamlessly, measurably adding value to your existing systems.

HR Ticketing

PeopleDoc is more than just a ticket system for HR. With PeopleDoc, employees can find answers to their questions around the clock – even if your personnel department has closed for the day. PeopleDoc combines an online knowledge base with an efficient and modern HR ticket system. PeopleDoc is the central access point for communication with HR.

Knowledge base and HR ticket system

There is evidence that employee dissatisfaction with HR is due to not getting the information they need, or not getting it fast enough, and this is precisely what PeopleDoc addresses.    Employees can find answers to their HR-related questions through a user-friendly, personalized portal. If the answer to the required question is not yet available in the knowledge base, a ticket can be submitted to HR easily and without fuss. For more complex queries, the HR department can provide predefined request forms to ensure that the employee records all relevant information for processing. The processing of tickets and requests is transparently traceable by the employee, which in turn avoids annoying follow-up queries.

Further development based on reports

Smart evaluations and statistics show the HR department which topics most need clarification and which knowledge-base content needs to be expanded. The best tickets are those that do not even need to be opened and are intercepted by the knowledge database.  The result: HR can do more with fewer resources while sustainably reinforcing employee satisfaction.

HR Processes

HR processes are dynamic and subject to constant change. From the simple process of salary changes to the complex onboarding process, it is important to ensure that all relevant steps are taken and that the legal basis is adhered to. With PeopleDoc you design your HR processes according to your needs. Flexible and without IT support.

Modelling and automation of all HR processes

HR processes are business processes. They affect every individual employee and often involve several departments, managers and employees. How do you keep transparency and control? How do you make sure that processes are not left hanging around, even in the case of absences? That everything is auditably traceable? That you are not dependent on the IT department for process changes?

No matter which HRIS you are using, the comprehensive process handling often falls by the wayside. PeopleDoc puts power into your HR processes. It is connected up in such a way that even a complex HR process can be triggered simply by an employee request. Documents created as part of or at the end of the request processing can be stored in PeopleDoc. From simple check lists to complex workflows with IFTTT (if-this-then-that) logic, PeopleDoc brings convenience to the modelling and automation of your processes. In particular, the strategically important onboarding process can be massively optimized and streamlined with PeopleDoc.  

First-class onboarding:

  • Even before the first day at work, new employees get access to a tailor-made onboarding portal
  • Employees complete and sign the necessary forms online
  • All departments and centres involved are integrated into the process
  • Classic new-employee questions can be resolved by the contents of the knowledge base
  • HR sees all pending and overdue tasks and can intervene in the processes whenever necessary
  • All documents that require retention are stored in PeopleDoc
  • The document flow is completely digital, so employees can simply upload and even sign documents as part of the process management

HR Processes are dynamic, complex and subject to constant change. This is why rigidly defined workflows are not suitable for processes such as on- or offboarding, job changes, maternity leave, sabbaticals, promotion, end of probation time and many other typical HR processes. 

With PeopleDoc, the department can independently create and adapt processes by drag & drop. But that’s not all – you can also decide how much automation is appropriate to avoid too much rigidity. And the killer feature? HR can dynamically intervene in an ongoing process at any time, and can add or remove steps. This makes process management a tool fit for everyday work and provides maximum flexibility.

Comprehensive reporting allows you to analyse your process efficiency and to identify bottlenecks. In this way, you optimize your HR productivity day by day.

HR Documents

Is your HR team still overwhelmed by paper? PeopleDoc changes the very nature of document management in personnel departments. Efficient and compliant. This leaves more time for activities that offer added value, such as the further development of employees and their identification with the company.

Digital personnel files in one place

Documents are generated in HR on a daily basis, often as a result of a process, and usually they end up in the employee’s personnel file. But paper not only takes up a lot of space, getting access to it is also bureaucratic and an administrative burden. This is outdated. This is precisely where PeopleDoc helps, by providing modern options for creating and storing documents, as well as permitting flexible access from any location. With PeopleDoc, you can throw away your paper files and to work only electronically in the future. Access is possible from any device, in any location, at any time.

Archiving HR documents

PeopleDoc centralizes documents from a variety of sources: from scanned paper documents, through documents generated within the HR systems used, to Office documents or emails that need to be archived.

Apart from this, PeopleDoc makes it easy to manage not only employee documents, but also company documents, such as accounting for old-age pension insurance and tax retained at source.

Intelligent document management with PeopleDoc

PeopleDoc is more than just a simple archive – it is an intelligent document-management system. You set appointments, send email reminders, forward documents securely, and can search through all documents with helpful filters. Employees for whom documents are missing or expired in their files are informed by email and asked to upload the documents. The return flow is conveniently checked directly in the personnel file.

To ensure compliance, PeopleDoc provides flexible authorizations and detailed audit logs.

At a glance

  • Predefined integration with SAP SuccessFactors
  • Open architecture for connection to any HRIS
  • Secure sharing of documents instead of classic email delivery
  • Flexible management of retention periods
  • Access rights by role and document type
  • Comprehensive dashboards by document type and action


Helvetia Insurance

Helvetia Insurance

Thanks to Peopledoc's Workflow & Ticketing, Helvetia has a digital HR hub and thus benefits from smooth communication between employees and HR.



  • Comprehensive HR service-delivery solution
  • Quick response to employee queries by HR ticketing
  • Increased efficiency in HR administration
  • Paperless, efficient document management
  • Quick access to information in the employee portal
  • Seamless integration into existing systems (such as SAP and SuccessFactors)
  • Short implementation time
  • Extremely easy operation (no programming skills required)
  • Flexible und dynamische Workflows

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