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PeopleDoc eVault

PeopleDoc eVault

Electronic Inboxes from PeopleDoc

PeopleDoc eVault

Why waste time and money sending paper documents? Automating repetitive tasks gives HR more free time to spend on strategic areas such as employee retention. With an electronic PO box, you can create new collaboration opportunities between HR and staff.

Send Documents Easily and Securely

Wage slips and other employee documents have to be handed out to employees each and every month. On the agenda: repetitive tasks, missing documents, printing costs and postage costs. Say goodbye to endless searching for documents and sending out paper copies. Distribute employee-related documents with just a few clicks thanks to PeopleDoc eVault. Integrated into the PeopleDoc e-Dossier, the electronic inbox (eVault) makes it easy for your HR department to securely send documents to employees. HR productivity can be increased as HR teams can win back valuable time.

Low Printing Costs and Good for the Environment

Documents are automatically classified, archived by need, and can be accessed securely. For companies with around 5,000 employees, wage slips take up 744kg of paper. That’s 2.2 tonnes of wood. All of this can be saved using an electronic PO box. Administration, printing, posting - each month, the same cost-intensive process begins again. The eVault (electronic PO box) does away with all this.

Archiving Even After Leaving the Company

Employees can save documents in the eVault (electronic PO box) for at least 50 years. Use of 10GB storage in the eVault is available to employees free of charge even after they leave the company.

Do you have any questions?

Jasmin Rehmann is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Electronic PO box
  • Archive and send employee-relevant documents
  • Lower printing and postage costs
  • Paperless and good for the environment
  • Integration into the PeopleDoc e-Dossier
  • Connection to your HR system (e.g. SAP SuccessFactors)
  • 10GB of lifelong storage as a benefit for your staff

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