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PeopleDoc e-Dossier & document creation

PeopleDoc e-Dossier & document creation

Actively and securely manage HR documents

PeopleDoc e-Dossier & document creation

With PeopleDoc, HR departments can manage documents actively. This ranges from document creation to archiving, access and distribution to deleting personal files. Data is retained at a secure central location, from which each device can be reached anywhere, any time.

Digital Personal Dossier in One Place

Documents are created every day in HR, often also as the result of a process, and usually end up in an employee’s personal file. But paper doesn’t just take up a lot of space. Access is bureaucratic and administratively exhausting. It’s just not contemporary. That’s where PeopleDoc comes in, offering modern opportunities to create and store documents as well as providing flexible, location-independent access. PeopleDoc lets you completely do without your paper files in favour of solely working electronically in future. Access is possible from any device, at any time, from any location.

Document Management Made Easy

Create simple and complex documents using information from PeopleDoc or one of your other HR information systems. Safely share documents with managers, employees and external third parties online without involving email or wasting paper. Add retention dates to documents based on type and location. So you can manage global compliance to meet regulatory and statutory requirements. Quickly find out which documents are missing or when a retention period will expire. So your requests are always sent to the affected employee in good time.


Archiving HR Documents

PeopleDoc centralises documents from various sources: from scanned paper documents to documents created within your preferred HR systems to Office documents or emails that have to be kept on file. And it’s not just employee documents, but also company documents, such as AHV and withholding tax returns that can be easily managed in PeopleDoc.

Automated Document Creation

Work contracts, wage notes, confirmations and much more - with PeopleDoc document creation, creating HR documents is immensely simpler. You can create as much standardised and mostly automated employee-related correspondence as you like, submit it to the signature workflow and store it in your digital HR dossier.

Do you have any questions?

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  • Centralised employee dossier with granular rights concept
  • Document creation
  • Electronic signature
  • Secure access and safe sharing
  • Actively manage compliance
  • Ensure retention periods are upheld
  • Integration with PeopleDoc workflow & ticketing and MyPeopleDoc
  • Connection to your HR system (e.g. SAP SuccessFactors)

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