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Archives your data and documents including their business logic - in a way that is legally compliant, secure, searchable and affordable.


JiVS offers the unique ability to detach data and business logic from source and target systems. This allows data from any legacy system to be easily and securely stored and retrieved at any time, or deleted as required by data protection regulations. This results in a significantly simplified implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while at the same time reducing operating costs by around 80%.

Application retirement - decommissioning of legacy systems

Are you planning to archive old data such as pay slips, pension insurance accounts or wage statements? Are you about to migrate and want to archive your legacy data?

With the general trend towards the cloud and the communicated end-of-maintenance of SAP HCM (see SAP 2025 ), the topics of migration and legacy data historisation are now more topical than ever. Rising costs for the operation of these legacy systems as well as overflowing expensive storage, which sometimes also slows down operating systems, increase the need for system-independent data archiving.

For over 20 years, Data Migration Services AG has specialised in the field of historisation and migration of legacy data and documents and has created a perfect tool for this - JiVS. More than 1000 JiVS implementations worldwide have shown that this concept works.

JiVS enables you to manage data and documents that are no longer needed in operational terms, including their business logic, throughout their entire life cycle: from their transfer from production systems to legally compliant storage and final deletion (retention management). The costs to operate JiVS are generally 80% lower than the costs associated with the further operation of legacy systems. For upcoming migrations, the invested time and costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

Independent of surrounding systems

As a Java-based platform, JiVS is independent of the systems it runs on. Therefore, there is no issue concerning spare parts for hardware, which is usually the case when it comes to legacy systems. Auditors recognise that the information is taken over unchanged from the old systems and stored in a revision-secure manner, hence guaranteeing legal security vis-a-vis financial authorities.

JiVS allows regular security updates to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and espionage in the long term. Once the information, including the underlying business logic, has been transferred from the legacy systems to JiVS, the systems can be completely switched off and disposed of. Data that is no longer required for operation can also be continuously transferred from the live systems, so that your system remains lean and fast.

SAP 2025: Switching to the cloud

...and what happens to my old data?

In the future, SAP will fully rely on cloud computing and will no longer develop and maintain SAP HCM from 2025 onwards. For on-premise customers, this already means considering one’s own system landscape, examining alternatives and planning a path for the future. JiVS offers the ideal solution for securing legacy data when switching to the cloud.

Need help making the transition to the cloud? We will gladly show you your options here .

Do you have any questions?

Marc Snobl is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • One single platform for data and document historisation
  • Easy finding and controlled deletion of data (Retention Management for GDPR)
  • Reduces operating costs of operational systems by up to 80%
  • Up to 50% lower migration costs
  • Full access to data from switched-off systems
  • Increases the performance of operational systems
  • Java-based platform and thus independent of surrounding systems
  • Certified, legally compliant and affordable

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