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HR Data Loader for SuccessFactors

HR Data Loader for SuccessFactors

Simple and efficient data maintenance

HR Data Loader for SuccessFactors

Dynamic personnel changes, organizational restructuring and continuous HR processes require frequent updates in the system. These processes typically require time-consuming mass data management, which, unfortunately, often results in errors. Accenture HR Data Loader allows you to make mass changes reliably and without problems in SAP SuccessFactors, all with a single template.

Easy to use, HR Data Loader for SuccessFactors simplifies otherwise time-consuming mass data maintenance for organizations, especially those that operate from multiple locations.  Furthermore, manual data entry is prone to data inaccuracies, and frequently results in company-wide process interruptions. This is why HR Data Loader uses only a single end-to-end template. The predefined template spans various portlets required for a certain mass change. Data does not need to be collected, transformed, entered and synchronized in several templates for different objects. This avoids errors during the import sequence or with dependencies, validations, error handling and problem solving for each individual data import. This helps you manage ongoing and recurrent HR processes, such as promotions, admissions or terminations, from a single tool.

You can complete your mass mutation quickly and successfully in four steps

1. Select a mutation type

There are four preconfigured processes available, and these can be individually adapted to your needs.

2. Prepare the data

Prepare the data directly in HR Data Loader. For this, you can take data directly from SuccessFactors or by uploading an import file. In this case, validations directly in the system protect you against data errors.

3. Overview and upload

Before you upload, you can review an overview to resolve any inconsistencies. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can then load records into the system individually or all at once.

4. Process monitor

You can monitor your jobs directly in the process monitor. In case of errors, a detailed log per job provides you with more information.

Do you have any questions?

Mr. Lukas Brem is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • 100% cloud based
  • Guided data entry
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable HR data
  • Automated adaptation in various portlets
  • Controlled process
  • All in one place

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