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Haufe Talent Management

Haufe Talent Management

Modern talent management suite

Haufe Talent Management

Offer your staff the opportunity and freedom they need to courageously progress and contribute new ideas. With Haufe Talent Management, you can create the freedom for growth - for personal growth and the growth of your business. Haufe Talent Management is made up of six tailor-made modules to help you find and develop talent to ultimately lead your company into a successful future.


  • Holistic approach due to an integrated talent-management solution
  • The workflow and delegation save time and reduce the workload
  • Modular, integrated system
  • Data backup in Switzerland, Swiss development and support companies
  • Customizable profiles and processes
  • New needs can be customized in house; no external consulting necessary
  • Modern design, as simple as Google, no training necessary, high acceptance
  • Quick introduction

The modules and their potential

The applicant-management module guides you to successful e-recruitment – from the application through the approval to the job offer. You gain more time for personal contact and thus find the best candidates for your company. You can also use the personnel-development module to promote your most important asset – the employees. Their development places high demands on personnel development. Systematic development through clear objectives and measures increases productivity and employee satisfaction, and can be controlled in a targeted manner with Haufe Talent Management. The learning-management module allows you to monitor offers, applications, participant information and successes. Professional event management thus promotes further training in your company. In addition, you can use the target-agreement module to help your employees, supervisors and HR managers prepare for and conduct employee interviews. You profit from increased effectiveness by working on the right things.

Each employee has a right to a fair appraisal of his/her performance. With the Haufe Talent Management compensation module, you always have your budget in sight and you provide a solid foundation for the development and motivation of your employees. You can also use the succession-planning module to illustrate career paths and give your employees clear perspectives. In the career-planning system, you can also identify the important technical and managerial positions to ensure that key positions are filled. With our interface solutions, Haufe applicant- and employee-management systems are easily integrated with SAP and any other HCM system. This prevents redundant data maintenance and automates the exchange of data. The Haufe Talent Management reports package also offers you the most common evaluations at the touch of a button.

Applicant management

Find the courageous people that suit you. The Haufe-umantis application management module makes things as simple as possible - from application to approval to job offer. So you have more time for personal contact with applicants and can attract top candidates to your company.

Successful e-recruitment

With our simple, fast and paperless application process, characterized by a very attractive external appearance, you can use the time for personal contact with the right applicants and win the best candidates for your company. Our successful e-recruitment system provides support from the application through the approval to the job offer via career portals (job market) and job posting. You benefit from an efficient applicant administration and many statistics, analyses and evaluations that show you the strengths and weaknesses of your recruitment process.

What do we do differently?

  • Requisition note from the supervisor
  • Supervisors and team are directly involved
    • Increased recruitment rate
  • Attractive external appearance
    • Select effective channels – attract the right applicants
    • High employer attractiveness
    • Attractive job offers – the team introduces itself in the advertisement
    • Job market on your own homepage
  • Paperless application process – simple and fast
    • Apply in 90 seconds
  • Invite them to a job interview in just 10 minutes
    • Applicants look for appointments
  • Comprehensive statistics, analyses and evaluations

Best Practice Haufe Applicant Management

The Best Practice solution Easy2HaufeApplicantManagement offers a professional standard so that your applicant management can be introduced cost-effectively and efficiently.


Personnel development

Employees are your most important assets. Get the best out of them by systematically developing the skills and courage of the people within your business. You can purposefully support this process with the personal development module. So you increase productivity and employee satisfaction while facilitating innovation.

Identify and promote potential

The right employees are the most important assets. Their development places high demands on personnel development. Systematic development and promotion of relevant technical competencies, capabilities and skills through clear objectives and measures increases the productivity and employee satisfaction of your employees. You identify potential and training needs and can work out individual development goals and further training measures together with your employees. Group job profiles to be able to create interdisciplinary competence requirements. By setting up talent pools and inviting applications, talented employees can be set up for technical and managerial careers.

What do we do differently?

  • Focus on relevant skills
    • The skills that the employee needs for his/her current tasks and objectives are jointly agreed upon, assessed and developed in a targeted manner
    • Derivation of development goals
    • Promotion of trust and responsibility
  • Make technical skills accessible
    • Employees can display and present their knowledge and experience in the network
    • Transparency about the skills and competencies of your own employees
    • Grouping of job profiles to be able to create interdisciplinary competence requirements
  • Establishment of talent pools and invitation to apply
    • Targeted development of skills required in the future and systematic promotion in technical and managerial careers
    • Increased employee satisfaction
    • Transparent planning

Separation of leadership and management

Lifelong learning needs professional software support. As successful learning and event management promotes a desire for training within the company. With the Haufe-umantis learning management module, you can professionally portray and manage the process from registering needs to tendering and sign-up to follow-up work. 

Learn as a whole company

Our professional and practical online event-management system (LSO) promotes training and formal as well as informal learning in your company. An integrated process supports those responsible for training from planning and approval, through the invitation to apply and execution to the monitoring of success and accounting for events. Both internal and external courses and advanced-training content are easily integrated. Participants can simply log on and get information about your various events (attendance seminars, learning on the job, individual e-learning). Training measures can be easily derived and seminars managed efficiently.

What do we do differently?

  • Requisition note from the supervisor
  • Supervisors and team are directly involved
  • Integrated process from the invitation to apply to the creation of certificates
    • Commercial processing is fully supported by the solution
  • Course offers are quickly and easily advertised to the appropriate target group
    • Employees have access to further training opportunities at any time
  • Internal and external training content
    • Publishing and marketing of own events
    • External courses can be integrated and to provide the ideal complement to your training portfolio
  • Formal and informal learning
    • Individual e-learning
    • Learning on the Job
    • Organization into working and learning groups in order to make informal learning systematic and transparent
  • Attractive, user-friendly design
  • Support in the preparation and follow-up for training offers
    • Specified enrolment and evaluation questions as well as check lists
  • Derivation of individual training measures

Target agreement

Motivate your staff and support the success of your business using targets. You can use the target module from Haufe-umantis to improve the process you use for your employee appraisals and provide support for your team members, managers and HR team.

Optimize processes for employee interviews

Haufe talent management reliably supports employees, supervisors and HR managers to prepare for and conduct effective employee interviews (MbOs) and annual appraisals, and increases both individual performance and company success. Your employees are involved in the target-agreement process and assume responsibility for defining their targets and tasks. Your employees benefit from high transparency and complete assessments (360° feedback).

What do we do differently?

  • Involving employees
    • Employees have a transparent view of the company and/or team targets
    • Definition of own tasks and targets
    • Employees take responsibility and increase their performance
  • Transparency at all times
    • Achievement of individual targets and targets derived from corporate objectives available at all times
    • Ability to take appropriate measures immediately
    • Clearly monitored target agreement as the basis for the calculation of variable pay elements
  • 360° feedback
    • Colleagues as well as internal and external project members or project managers give direct feedback and create motivation for further development
    • Quick review by third parties – link sent by email
    • Fast and transparent feedback
  • Comprehensive reports, check lists and reminders to support the management


Do you want more transparency and clarity in your salary and bonus rounds? With the Haufe remuneration module, you not only offer your employees fair remuneration, but you also have various evaluation options for complete budget control.

Transparent remuneration process

Clear overview and complete budget control during the pay round as well as an intelligent and flexibly adjustable remuneration scheme with a simple calibration – Haufe Talent Management allows you to process the salary and bonus rounds quickly, easily and transparently. You reward the performance of your employees appropriately and make room for value-creating HR activities with an efficient remuneration process. You keep an overview of wage and bonus distributions and access various evaluations of the salary level and the pay–performance relationship.

What do we do differently?

  • Transparency across all departments
    • Clear overview of wage and bonus distributions
    • Complete budget control across all departments, areas and employees
  • Access to various evaluations (wage level and pay–performance relationship, which can be combined as desired and exported to Excel)
  • Personal assistant for all involved
  • The line manager is fully integrated into the processes
    • Personal agent on the main page and clear task management to support all those involved
  • Simple and fast calibration of wages and salaries
    • Efficiently designed wage and bonus rounds
  • Flexibly adaptable and intelligent remuneration scheme
    • Can be stored directly in the solution
    • Reduces the workload for line managers during employee interviews
  • Graphical analysis and interactive reports ensure a transparent salary structure

Succession planning

Career planning shows your employees career paths and career-development perspectives. With the Haufe-umantis succession-planning module, you successfully fill key positions thanks to systematic talent pools and an internal job market.

Strategic succession and career planning

In the succession- and career-planning system, you can identify the important technical and managerial positions to ensure that key positions are filled. Demonstrate career paths and give your employees clear perspectives for their professional development. With the targeted focus on key positions, you make personnel risks transparent and actively reduce them. Work systematically with talent pools, an internal job market and the comparison of people with potential based on key performance indicators (risk of leaving, needs-based potential assessment) in order to recruit qualified successors.

What do we do differently?

  • Focus on key positions
  • Make personnel risks transparent and actively reduce them
    • Recruit qualified successors in good time
  • Systematic promotion in technical and managerial careers
  • Talent pools for various people with potential
  • Little effort in the managers’ assessments of potential
  • Use drag and drop to compare and compare potential carriers by means of key performance indicators (risk of leaving, assessment of potential)
  • Support for management tasks
    • High employee satisfaction due to transparent planning and perspectives
    • demonstrate career paths and provide clear perspectives for individual career development
    • Potential succession-plan positions can be viewed in the internal job market

Haufe Add-ons

Is your HR process landscape based on various software systems? Don’t enter redundant data – opt for our interface solutions. Automate data exchange between your SAP HCM and Haufe-umantis systems.

SAP–Haufeapplicant-management interface

This innovative interface solution understands the languages of both applications and allows you to exchange data between the two systems. As soon as you have decided on a candidate, he/she will receive a Web-based personnel questionnaire from Haufe-umantis. He/she will then fill in all information relevant for the joining the company in SAP, such as bank details, pension-insurance number, family members, etc. All applicant information is then transmitted to SAP HCM by means of intelligent export functions. There, they are included as a default values in the recruitment action. This interface therefore provides you with a simple data processing and maximum flexibility.

Online interface

Applicant data is transmitted online to SAP HCM so that your HR processes seamlessly blend into one another and do not result in inefficient waiting times.

User administration in SAP HCM

Manage your user data in a single central location – your SAP HCM system. From there, the recruiter’s user data is automatically transferred to Haufe Talent Management via the SAP–Haufe operating-module interface. You decide for yourself which user data is relevant for Haufe Talent Management and can conveniently limit the data export to various user groups.


The SAP–Haufe operating-module interface is available as of release ECC 6.0. In addition, Internet-based communication must be established between SAP HCM and the Haufe-umantis server.


SAP–Haufe employee-management interface

This intelligent interface solution understands the languages of both applications and includes a large predefined set of data to be transmitted, which can be supplemented and adjusted specifically for each customer. All fields used in Haufe Talent Management are predefined in the interface and can be individually controlled. Intelligent matching tables allow not only a 1:1 transfer of data but also data conversion or the consolidation of multiple source fields from SAP (e.g., first name, surname) into a combined data field in Haufe Talent Management. The interface thus gives you the flexibility you need to be able to use the SAP data optimally in Haufe Talent Management. Furthermore, calculations can also be carried out directly in the interface, which is often necessary in the area of ​​the salary data, such as to convert a monthly to an annual value. The data export can be restricted to a wide range of populations by using different selection options.

Tailored authorization

One particular highlight is the authorization control, which makes it possible to control all Haufe-umantis authorizations directly from SAP HCM. This considerably simplifies user administration and gives you the option of being able to control access to sensitive HR data from a central system.

Organizational structures

To ensure that the management structures are also always up to date in Haufe Talent Management, the Campus-SAP–Haufe interface also has an OM export, which makes it possible to convert the entire organizational management into the departmental structures known in Haufe Talent Management and to export them.


The Campus-SAP–Haufe MM Interface is available as of Release ECC 6.0.


Haufe Data Manager

This platform-independent interface solution can send data extracts from all possible systems to Haufe Talent Management via SOAP web services or receive exports from Haufe Talent Management. For this purpose, the exporting system must provide the data in predefined XML, XLS or ZIP file structures, which are transmitted by the Haufe Data Manager at specific times. The Haufe Data Manager cannot create data extracts. The Data Manager does not need access to the source systems, it merely transports the data. Securely connected to Open SSL and reliably traceable by a logging function and if necessary with the archiving function of the transmitted data. Both Haufe-umantis-hosted and in-house solutions are supported.

Data conversion

umantis always expects files in the UTF-8 format. Not all export programs can export this format. The Data Manager can convert virtually any data format to UTF-8 without temporary storage during transmission.

Installation and configuration

The umantis Data Manager can easily be extracted into the required directory and is immediately ready for use. The configuration is easily done using the command-line file in BAT, CMD or SH format.


The HR Campus umantis Data Manager requires Internet access (also supports proxy systems) and access to the files to be sent. Currently, the Data Manager can be used on all common Windows systems, Unix, Linux and Sun Solaris.


Haufe easy Reports

HR Campus offers you additional reports that can be used to evaluate the most common evaluations at regular intervals. This means that key indicators and statistics can be generated with just a few clicks and made available to the right recipient group.

Report No. 1 – Focus on your jobs

With this easy report, you can bring light to the entire process of your open and occupied employment positions.

  • Overview of the job status
  • Overview of casts (type & course of casts)
  • Comparison of internal vs. external publications
  • Time to Hire comparisons for jobs, HR managers, line managers
  • Progress of process steps

Report No. 2 – Focus on your applications

These additional evaluations allow you to find out more about your applicants and the recruiting process. The following evaluations are available, among others:

  • Analysis of the application type
  • Source analysis including success by source
  • Gender and age analysis
  • Analysis of process terminations (status before status Withdrawn)
  • Number of applications and comparison of processing times per line manager and HR
  • Comparison of the number of days to 1st communication / 1st interview / employee

Do you have any questions?

Thomas Haase is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Holistic approach due to an integrated talent-management solution
  • The workflow and delegation save time and reduce the workload
  • Modular, integrated system
  • Data backup in Switzerland, Swiss development and support companies
  • Customizable profiles and processes
  • New needs can be customized in house; no external consulting necessary
  • Modern design, as simple as Google, no training necessary, high acceptance
  • Quick introduction

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