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The right employees in the right place at the right time


Precise personnel-deployment planning is a key factor for the smooth operation of production facilities or services. However, in addition to precision, easy operation from any location and pragmatic intervention in existing plans are also required.

More flexible working hours and reduced costs

Fluctuating orders can become a massive problem, especially for medium-sized companies. Capacity bottlenecks and expensive overtime on the one hand, and costly idle time on the other, can become a critical factor. This requires smart software that makes it possible to deploy personnel precisely in accordance with the current personnel requirements.

ATOSS personnel-deployment planning is a standard software package specifically designed to meet the needs of medium-sized companies. This solution allows you to plan effectively – by shift, workstation and order – in any business sector. You can also benefit from demand-based deployment planning, taking into account working-time regulations, breaks and transition times, individual preferences, employee qualifications and user-defined rules.

Whether your deployment planning is automatic or manual, the ATOSS solution quickly and transparently gives you secure control of costs. The planning and rescheduling of shifts, workstations, orders and employees is as simple as the execution of time bookings, any corrections and evaluations. Evaluated data is transferred to payroll and salary systems at the touch of a button.

Demand and capacity planning

  • Automatic creation of shift, service and deployment plans
  • Allocation of employees to workstations, taking into account staffing requirements, employee preferences, qualifications and availability, as well as other restrictions and planning rules
  • Calculation of personnel requirements from forecast basic values
  • Consideration of cyclical or temporary actions during planning, such as production peaks
  • Automatic suggestions for redeployments
  • Parallel consideration of various scenarios

Shift, service and deployment planning

  • Manual override of automated planning possible at any time
  • Period-, workplace- and order-related planning
  • Support for planning based on teams/groups and throughout the company
  • Flexible planning periods for draft and detailed planning.
  • Multistage personnel-deployment planning: planning – review – commitment – modification
  • Integrated inter-departmental planning for the scheduling of temporary and floating workers
  • Changes of workstations within a working day
  • Freely definable subtotal lines, such as for illness, vacation, early shift, late shift
  • Permanently updated balances in the planning
  • Shift and workstation views
  • Single or multi-line work schedules
  • Standby and on-call duty
  • Automatic change of cost centre when the workstation or order changes, and for absences
  • Preferred work schedules and an exchange platform
  • Traffic-light accounts
  • Consideration of material resources


  • Cost-optimized planning by avoiding underplanning and idle operations
  • An overview of the personnel resources available at all times
  • Cost reduction by optimized personnel-deployment planning
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized combination of operational requirements and employee preferences
  • 100% integration with SAP time management

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