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Campus Talent SaaS

Campus Talent SaaS

The software-service package for talent management

Campus Talent SaaS

Thanks to an integrated approach to life cycles of employees in the field of talent management, SAP SuccessFactors contributed to your sustained corporate success. Getting all employees on the same wavelength requires the efforts of all parties. This is why SAP SuccessFactors offers a holistic approach for talent management We will be happy to provide you with the solution as software as a service.


  • Comprehensive talent management with a modular structure
  • More efficient and more productive employees
  • A strong contribution to employee retention and a reduction in the turnover ra
  • Fast and clear communication of the corporate strategy
  • Software maintenance/configuration/etc.
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run.

Campus talent offers a holistic and joined-up approach to talent management. All solutions have been designed for seamless integration, not just for a uniform user interface, but also for consistent business integration.

The successful combination of business orientation and employee performance provides the basis for your corporate success. Understand is the tool use to put the right employees in the right positions and to allocate them the right tasks. Thanks to its modular structure, you can lease subunits of Campus Talent for exactly where you have tight spots in your company. Whether for applicant management, target agreement and employee interviews, salary and bonus rounds, basic and advanced training or succession planning – our software service covers all areas.

SuccessFactors Recruiting

With SAP SuccessFactors recruiting you will find the best talent. But not just that – you can also convince them of your company, select the best applicants and appoint them quickly. Subsequently, you will also know whether the new employees are moving your business forward. You control the entire recruitment process more efficiently from start to finish – and faster than ever.

The recruiting module allows you to target the talents you need. The patented SAP SuccessFactors methodology ensures that your job offer gets the right message to the right candidates at the right time. By using proven marketing methods, you create long-term relationships with interesting applicants. This is how you quickly find the right employees.

Recruiting module covers the entire recruiting process seamlessly from the job advertisement to the admission of new employee. The module helps you in the creation of job requirement profiles, the structuring of the application process and the automation and organization of job interviews. Furthermore, the recruiting solution supports you in the active management of candidates with modern talent pools. All formalities are dealt with in a simple manner.

An integrated referral program, publications on job and university noticeboards directly from system and a careers page intuitively administrated by HR show how strongly the solution is oriented toward the current needs of recruiters and candidates.


  • Mapping of the entire recruiting process
  • Candidate self-services
  • Career portal that can be customized yo your CI/CD
  • Recruiting Posting on request
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run
  • Best-practices Easy2Recuriting full basic configuration available


Wepow is the market and innovation leader for video-based recruitment in Switzerland. The software enables companies to make their recruiting processes more efficient and flexible by using time-delayed, mobile or live interviews. By using Wepow, you not only save valuable screening time, but also offer the job seeker more insight into the vacancy.

The recruiting process is highly time-consuming and costly for the employer. On the one hand, the evaluation and selection of candidates ties up the related resources; on the other, the appointment of the wrong person can have expensive consequences. The aim of professional recruitment is to identify suitable candidates as efficiently as possible.

With Wepow , you standardize preselection and thus increase efficiency in terms of the time and money invested. In addition, the recruitment process is accelerated and waiting times for applicants are shortened. The use of predefined evaluation criteria with questions and assessment scales oriented on them ensures a high degree of objectivity in personnel selection. 

Wepow not only creates whole new possibilities for quality in recruitment with its structured video interviews, it also allows the two sides to get to know each other. For each job profile, recorded video questions and other elements can be combined individually and playfully into a coherent interview, so that all candidates have a consistent, modern and enjoyable application experience. As a result, your HR team can identify the right candidates for different job profiles faster than ever before, significantly shortening recruitment times and discovering hidden talents.


  • Time-delayed video interviews
  • Live interviews with up to 4 participants and recording option
  • Internationally applicable, multilingual
  • Reduction of recruitment costs
  • Data protection compliant with GDPR guidelines
  • Employer branding
  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run

SuccessFactors Goals and Performance

Companies that consistently track and control the performance of their workforce can adapt much more easily to current changes in the competition and achieve sustained growth. With SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, the process focuses on employee performance.

The Performance & Goals facilitates a consistent and transparent implementation of target agreements and discussions with employees. Additional features of this module include the depiction of 360° feedback and the calibration of assessments.

Performance & Goals is distinguished by its extreme flexibility, both in the design of forms and in the modelling of processes. Particular highlights of dissolution of the very simple design of workflows, including rules for handling special cases (departure of employees, absences and management changes, etc.), out-of-the-box dashboards for tracking the entire process and flexible invitation of additional persons (such as project managers) to the assessment process in order to obtain third-party feedback where necessary.

The module includes pre-defined best-practice processes. However, an ad-hod process for mapping the assessment of employees can be defined at any time. HR super users can modify the processes for themselves if they need to add or delete a step, for example.

A typical standard process starts with the employee’s self assessment followed by a manager assessment and then a joint discussion and finalization of the assessment.


  • Goal and development planning for each employee
  • Performance-appraisal processes
  • Analytics for meaningful reports
  • Customized dashboards with key indicators
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run
  • Best-practices Easy2Performance full basic configuration available

SuccessFactors Succession and Development

Promotions, job changes or retirement: the positions in your company are constantly changing. That’s fine if you have established the succession at an early stage. With SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development, you identify the appropriate candidates across all levels and develop them in a targeted manner.

The Succession & Development module supports companies in the development and management of their talent pools, the implementation of model scenarios, the assessment of the strength of junior staff and the development of targeted career and development plans for each employee. Swiss and automated, dynamic process ensures that the development and preparedness of talented employees are promoted in accordance with the requirements of the long-term corporate strategy.

In this way, you flexibly define your key positions, identify potential successors and plan measures to fill talent gaps so that successors are ready when needed.

The Succession & Development module is therefore closely connected with the Performance & Goals module (assessment and identification of people with potential) and the Learning module (training for people with potential or possible successors for key positions).


  • Identification and management of key positions
  • Self-services for employees and line managers
  • Calibration of employee assessments
  • Graphical comparison of talent data across team boundaries
  • Administration of individual development and career plans
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run
  • Best-practices Easy2Succession&Development full basic configuration & available

SAP SuccessFactors Learning

With SAP SuccessFactors Learning, your employees can train in an easy and flexible manner. Many training sessions can even be done on the road – via smartphones or tablets. Course content can be easily managed and updated. Integrated analyses and reports bring transparency to learning results. The result is effective training that will take your business further.

The Learning module covers the entire learning process, starting with the planning of training requirements, the setting-up of course catalogues, registration and approval for courses, the provision of e-learning, through course assessments and feedback to the systematic monitoring of learning success.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning makes enduring changes to the nature of learning by merging structured and free-form content with innovative content management and modern analytical methods. Content is available not only in a traditional format, but also via mobile apps.

Particular highlights of the solution include:

  • The simple and smart way in which training and learning content can be automatically allocated to specific employees
  • Extremely flexible curriculum function, which permits the precise tracking of regulatory or safety-related requirements for compliance-related content
  • And the comprehensive mobile app, which allows learning content to also be made available offline, for example

SAP SuccessFactors Learning provides a convenient way of managing and controlling course content and integrating e-learning. There’s nothing to stop you mapping out a blended learning strategy and making learning results transparent by means of integrated analyses and reports.

As a customer, you also have automatic access to the iContent service. This service allows you to store your e-learning as a content-as-a-service (CaaS) product. In this way, you can benefit from a powerful infrastructure and the necessary bandwidth for your online training.


  • Management of online and classroom training, programs and curricula
  • Management of instructors and resources – without scheduling clashes
  • E-Learning
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run
  • Best-practices Easy2Learning full basic configuration available

SuccessFactors Compensation

Time for compensation management that works for everyone: With SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, you reward your employees according to their performance, facilitate bonus payments and motivate each individual to peak performance. Good reasons for your top talent to stay with the company in the long term. You also keep within compensation budgets and the respective compliance guidelines at all times. Automated processes keep possible sources of error to a minimum.

Compensation Management combines processes from the areas of target agreement, performance management and compensation in one integrated application, thus facilitating the effective implementation of performance-related compensation programs. The benefits are more rational compensation processes, more flexible remuneration policies and the ability to motivate, reward and nurture talent and to develop loyalty.

With performance-oriented compensation, you encourage your employees to give their best. You can define compensation plans for wage reviews, promotion and bonus processes, and can define and manage budgets and specify the rules for distributing the budget. Your guidelines for salary adjustments and bonus distributions are meticulously mapped in the system and always form the core of these processes; formal criteria such as the length of service to become eligible for a bonus or the procedure for leaving the company before completion of a year are included in this.

Line managers administrate the salary components to be awarded via a very intuitive, tabular user interface, in which all relevant information (past salaries, assessments, salary bands and budgets) are visible at any time.

The approval and release process is workflow based and the appropriate basic data (salary, bonus) are then automatically adjusted in the HR core system.


  • Individual compensation processes
  • Mobile solution
  • Employee self-service
  • Controlling via a dashboard
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run
  • Best-practices Easy2Compensation full basic configuration available

SuccessFactors Onboarding

The onboarding module ensures that new employees go through an optimal orientation process and are quickly familiarized with your business objectives in order to be able to work productively for the company in a timely manner. Accelerate the transition from applicant to employee through a smooth, forward-looking process, and deal with all the necessary formalities even before the first workday. Give new employees access rights to SAP Jam, so that they can get information on company content in the internal employee network in advance.

SAP SuccessFactors has an Onboarding module that covers the complete onboarding process and also the social component of the onboarding.

Onboarding ensures that new employees go through an optimal orientation process and are quickly familiarized with your business objectives so that they are soon able to work productively for the company.

You can speed up the onboarding process and deal with all the necessary formalities even before the first day of work.

  • Fast integration of new employees: Even before they start working in the company, you can give new employees access to a secure talent portal that they can access from outside the company.
  • Automation of form submission: Send the relevant forms to your new employees online in advance, so that they do not have to spend their first working days dealing with administrative formalities.
  • Internal tasks of the onboarding process: Send email notifications to the IT and Security department, as well as to all other people involved in the process of orienting new employees.
  • Preparation of the work processes: Make sure that your processes remain on schedule by using automatic reminders for assigning tasks


  • Automatic reminder messages for the task assignments
  • Access to a secure talent portal with external access
  • Optimized induction process
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run

SAP SuccessFactors Jam Collaboration

Further improve the performance of your employees and teams. SAP Jam Collaboration allows you to optimize communication between different business areas and departments while also permitting interaction with external service providers and partners.

Put simply, the SAP Jam Collaboration Advanced is a corporate “social-media” platform, and is especially recommended in the area of learning, as it supports the informal and collaborative aspect of learning. The cloud-based software supports all company areas, applications and processes. In this way, your employees, business partners and customers can collaborate in a productive and goal-oriented manner using a single solution.

Social learning as a complement to traditional training measures: Learning communities, complementary learning materials, embedded videos and much more promote collaborative learning; when used in a targeted manner, they can contribute to the long-term reduction of training costs. With SAP Jam, you can offer your employees a knowledge platform through which anyone can share his/her expertise with others. This provides faster answers to specific questions. By integration with SuccessFactors Learning, you can create learning groups for your employees, thereby motivating them to participate in an active exchange of knowledge and informal learning in the company. Encourage interaction between course participants, thereby increasing personal responsibility and reducing training costs.

Social onboarding: Shorten the induction time for new employees by putting them in contact with the people and content that can support them in the onboarding process.


  • A collaboration tool that engages all the members of your organization
  • Simple integration into the SuccessFactors suite and many other solutions
  • Sharing of expertise and information made easy
  • User-friendly handling
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run

Book our service package

In contrast to a conventional software contract, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) contract is directly with the provider – in this case HR Campus – not with the developer. You will benefit from a better, fuller and faster service. Technical and legal patches are regularly updated. We monitor your systems directly and, in the event of a problem, we support you in accordance with our service level agreement (SLA). With software as a service, you get cutting-edge HR solutions directly from the cloud – personalized for you and your company. You don’t have to worry about updates of changes in legislation. HR Campus can provide you with personal support at any time.

Do you have any questions?

Tobias Mecke is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Comprehensive talent management with a modular structure
  • More efficient and more productive employees
  • A strong contribution to employee retention and a reduction in the turnover ra
  • Fast and clear communication of the corporate strategy
  • Software maintenance/configuration/etc.
  • Software from the cloud – ready to run.

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