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Campus Admin SaaS

Campus Admin SaaS

The software-service package for HR administration

Campus Admin SaaS

Campus Admin SaaS includes a complete cloud-based HR-administration system featuring joined-up employee and management self-services and cool mobile apps. Benefit from our software-as-a-service package by no longer having to worry about your system. You can also find out more about useful add-ons.


  • Illustration of the company hierarchy
  • Maintenance of all employee data in one place
  • Flexible self-services for managers and employees
  • Mobile access to personnel data, processes and applications
  • Management of absence claims
  • Application for and approval of leave
  • Personnel administration with master-data management
  • Position management

HR administration with the SaaS model

Campus Admin SaaS supports the entire employee life cycle from joining the company, through organizational changes to leaving the company. The solution is web-based, mobile and preconfigured for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Campus Admin SaaS is easy to use and self-explanatory. Master data administration function makes fast work of managing and updating your employees’ data. Supervisors and employees can record data and make applications for themselves. This reduces the workload for HR and creates transparency. Position management function maps your corporate hierarchy clearly and can be used as a basis for authorizations, evaluations and workflows

Campus Admin SaaS also has simple time-management features. Working hours can easily be recorded in time accounts. The absence area is also clearly designed. Applications and approvals for absences can be posted via Campus Admin SaaS You can also take advantage of the team-calendar feature.

The features in detail

Master Data Management

  • Administration and change of employee data including self-service for supervisors and employees.

Organizational & Position Management

  • Mapping and maintenance of the enterprise hierarchy (reporting structures) as a basis for authorizations, evaluations and workflows.


  • The following self-service scenarios for supervisors and employees are available out of the box: Maintenance of bank details, contact information, emergency addresses, home address and personal information as well as visibility of the pay slip in SuccessFactors for all employees that are settled on a SAP Payroll system.


  • Comprehensive tool for in-depth reporting with many standard reports as well as the necessary functionalities to build custom reports.


  • Mobile application for iOS and Android with various self-service features for employees, managers and HR.

What does SaaS mean?

In contrast to a conventional software contract, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) contract is directly with the provider – in this case HR Campus – not with the developer. You will benefit from a better, fuller and faster service. We monitor your systems directly and, in the event of a problem, we support you in accordance with our service level agreement (SLA). With SaaS you get cutting-edge HR solutions directly from the cloud – personalized for you and your company. You don’t have to worry about updates of changes in legislation. HR Campus can provide you with personal support at any time.

Useful add-ons for Campus Admin

Campus Time Management (Employee Central Time Off /Time Sheet)

Campus Time Management provides you with a complete solution for negative and positive time management. Campus Time Management Meet all the requirements for a modern time-management solution – from recording, management and evaluation to the analysis of working hours.   Then entire process is automated – from time recording to the transfer of salary types and absence times to the payroll system. This significantly reduces the administration resources required.

Clone & Test for Cloud

With Clone & Test’s copying, anonymizing and comparison function, you can quickly and easily check whether all functionalities are working flawlessly and unchanged after a release. You can also reproduce or replicate “special cases” from production in the test system with little effort. Clone & Test even provides a remedy with a fast and efficient construction of a realistic testing or training system.

Clone & Test for Cloud offers you the following three functionalities:

  1. Cross-instance copying and anonymization of employee data
  2. Duplication of employee data within an instance
  3. Anonymization of employee data within an instance

HR Data Loader for SuccessFactors

The easy-to-use HR Data Loader for SuccessFactors makes light work of Lower case otherwise time-consuming mass data updates for organizations – in particular organizations that operate from various sites.  Manual data input is prone to data inaccuracies and repeatedly results in process interruptions throughout entire companies. In addition, the respective data has to be exported data from the system, which is awkward from the point of view of privacy.

This is why the HR Data Loader uses a single end-to-end template. The predefined template spans the various portlets necessary for a certain mass modification. Data does not need to be collected, transformed, completed and synchronized into several templates for different objects. This avoids error during the import sequence or with dependencies, validations, error handling and problem solving for each individual data import. This helps with the easy administration of ongoing and recurring HR processes, such as promotions, new appointments and terminations, from a single tool.

Audit & Compliance for Cloud

This powerful tool enables HR and IT departments to keep personnel data consistently at a very high level and thus optimize their HR systems in a sustained manner. Plausibility checks are possible without requiring any programming resources or manual work, so you not only increase quality, but also lower costs. The Audit & Compliance tool standardizes and automates regular system checks, previously associated with a lot of manual analysis work. Master data, organizational data and billing data are all put under the microscope, It gives you a high degree of flexibility, data quality, security and transparency. A direct jump into Employee Central reduces the further work steps and makes it easier for you to modify data.

SAP Analytics Cloud

With its cloud-based reporting technology, SAP Analytics Cloud facilitates targeted analysis of data from various systems. The New real-time insights are easily produced and interpreted using flexible visualisation and reliable data recognition. The era of digitalization and growing differentiation of various HR tools requires reliable data, competent analyses and targeted decisions: Clear and simple with SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides the following benefits:

  1. Integration of data sources from on-premises and cloud-based applications
  2. Business-intelligence, planning and forecast analyses
  3. Real-time data thanks to the SAP Cloud Platform

SAP–ASA Interface

We would like to propose the option of an “all-in-one” ASA (accident, sickness and absence-management) solution from HRM Systems. The advantages of ASA include the following:

  • Line managers, personnel managers and health and safety officers use a management tool tailored to their specific needs.
  • The data in your master-data system is linked with the ASA solution software
  • Direct filing of claims (for accident or sickness) with the respective insurers from one tool
  • Decentralized accident recording (line) throughout Switzerland with imports to HR for forwarding to the insurance company
  • All administration forms are digitally stored and allocated to the person concerned via the interface
  • Various reporting options structured according to business unit or department
  • Potential social-insurance savings of a daily allowance insurance from the first day
  • Digital support in health management from the handling of interviews to the retrieval of management performance indicators – all from one system

Do you have any questions?

Tobias Mecke is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Illustration of the company hierarchy
  • Maintenance of all employee data in one place
  • Flexible self-services for managers and employees
  • Mobile access to personnel data, processes and applications
  • Management of absence claims
  • Application for and approval of leave
  • Personnel administration with master-data management
  • Position management

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